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Photo of graduates of the dentistry program holding the dental anatomical simulator

The graduate and now professor of the School of Dentistry, Andrea Naranjo Salazar, is part of the team that innovated in Colombian dentistry with a simulator of the oral and dental cavity of the human being, thus allowing the practices of students in this area of the Health.

Anatomical denture simulator image for dental use

The Anatomical Simulator is nothing more than a prototype that imitates the mouth of a patient, composed of the upper and lower jaws, the gums, the 32 teeth, bones and nerves for the practice of Dentistry students. It is unique in Colombia for research and academic purposes.

In addition, it was built with the purpose so that the use of deceased people's teeth is not resorted to, as it is important not to use human specimens or teeth because in addition to being illegal, it can contract bacteria or be contaminated.

“The simulator is created to give technological help to people, so that processes in Dentistry and in all areas of health are easier and more precise (…) This simulator is an advantage for the student and for the CES University, because professionals are going to be better trained in all areas of dentistry, "said teacher Andrea Naranjo.

The development was prepared by the company Medical Shapes and IMPRONTO SAS, a company specialized in 3D technologies. They created the Anatomical Simulator, a project in which the CES University School of Dentistry joined. The institution, especially the Faculty, will be in charge of testing and approving the simulator for academic purposes.

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