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Photo Luisa Arias Physiotherapy Ray

Photography: Courtesy of Luisa Arias Rayo

Many stop their dreams because of some problem, many stop fighting because they are inferior or because they have some disadvantage. People complain and the mind makes them see any inconvenience as the end of the world, but this is not the case of Luisa Fernanda Arias Rayo, a student at the Faculty of Physiotherapy that despite being disabled, he practices swimming at a high level.

Luisa Arias has a disease called Spina Bifida, which is a condition that affects the spine and is usually evident at birth, but this has not been an inconvenience for her since, since she was eight months old, she has been practicing swimming.

“I like spending time with my family, my parents and my brother are my engine and my greatest support, they are the ones who have supported me with my situation. I practice swimming because let's say it doesn't hurt to do it, when I'm in the water I feel free, ” said student Arias.

In a very simple way, Luisa decided to study physiotherapy because no doctor was able to tell her what the disease she suffered from, some doctors even told her that there was nothing to do, so she, as the woman of challenges that is considered, decided to enter on the run and learn about your illness.

Within swimming, eight years ago he has been a member of the Antioquia Selection of Swimming with Disabilities where he has managed to play National Games for the Disabled and more recently, he had the opportunity to go to Cancun to the Open Water World Cup, a modality that takes place in open and natural spaces , as in the open sea, bays, canals, lakes or rivers and from which she emerged champion, Luisa Arias told us a little about it.

"The experience was very good, first I had to go to San Andres to swim there as a challenge from my coach, there I was able to win the qualification to Mexico and already at the Cancun World Cup I managed to improve my personal best a lot and be champion of the contest" said student Arias.

Today Luisa Fernanda is in love with the Open Water modality in which she hopes to reap more titles and continue to win the “nothing can be done” that has been in charge of ending people's dreams.

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