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Photography workshop for engraving

Photography: Medina Museum

The Medina Museum of the CES University offers its first virtual exhibition with the Engraving Workshop, a series of 32 works that came to virtuality as a way of bringing art closer to screens, given the impossibility of attending its facilities due to the pandemic.

The Medina Museum opened its doors in 2019 in building C of the Poblado de la Universidad headquarters, with about 40 works by artists such as Pedro Nel Gómez, Carlos Rayo, Enrique Grau and Santiago Medina.

We had to look at the options we had from a technological point of view so as not to let the year go by without having artistic content in the Museum. The virtual exhibition is a first attempt to show what the institution does and to continue with a process of virtual assembly of other works”, Explained Mónica Moreno Osorio, Artistic and Cultural Promotion coordinator.

There are 16 artists from the La Estampa Engraving Workshop who have been exposed since mid-September in spaces for culture . La Estampa is an institution in Medellín, directed by the teacher Ángela María Restrepo, with 25 years of experience developing art from the engraving technique.

As described in the curatorial note by Dr. José Enrique Palacio Vélez, curator of the Medina Museum, engraving is a discipline in which a matrix is used that can be made of copper, zinc, wood or stone, in which it is drawn with sharp instruments or that erode the material, and that is taken to paper or cloth thanks to the use of a press for its reproduction.

The artists of the engraving workshop 'La Estampa' in this exhibition, show different aspects of this technical modality of art such as drypoint, strong water, soft wax, chine-collé and monotype, thus ensuring durability. in the time of a discipline of which there are records from the 16th century”, Details the curatorial note.

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