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Thomas Jefferson University representatives

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

For seven years, the American Thomas Jefferson University has sent an average of six students a year to study in Medellín. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between both Universities and the specific agreement, for nearly 10 years, the Faculties of Medicine of both institutions have carried out academic exchanges of students and teachers.

As a result of this positive experience and of meetings held between directors of both Universities, this alliance is being further consolidated. In the academic field referring to the Faculty of Medicine, Jefferson University will validate the CES doctor's curriculum to begin receiving Colombian students for academic mobility.

“They are very interested in the work we are doing in neurology at CES University. That is where we are going to start with the residents. And they were very interested in our curriculum as well, because they just changed it to an integrated Curriculum around organic systems. We have been doing that for more than 30 years in the CES Medicine program ” , commented the doctor Paula Catalina Vásquez Marín, head of undergraduate Medicine at CES University.

In addition, Colombian and American doctors will begin to jointly study clinical cases in various areas as of the first semester of 2020. All this with the interest of the institutions to share curricular models that strengthen the training and internationalization of health professionals. medicine.

“Next year the first CES student would go to do a neurology rotation, it is the first one they receive. In order to receive them, they will validate the undergraduate evaluation system, the competencies of the CES doctor and the curricular mapping to validate the training and verify the possibility of having students in the rotation fields ” , stated Dr. Vásquez Marín.

As a result of this successful relationship and the work of exchange of capacities carried out last year between different dependencies of each University, a joint effort was started with the Thomas Jefferson University for the generation of several innovative initiatives. This project is being built jointly by the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering, and the Directorate of Research and Innovation, with the support of the Office of Global Affairs.

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