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Photography: U turnstiles

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

As of October 26, 2020, the CES University implemented a new pedestrian access control to the facilities of building C and the laboratories in the Poblado headquarters in order to guarantee the control of entry and security of the entire university community.

In Building C there will be turnstiles located at the entrance and on the 3rd floor for the access to the Cola del Zorro parking lot, leaving towards the restaurant N Cooking & Nutrition of the University. In order to access it, it is enough to register the student, graduate, teacher or employee card the first time at the reception of the building or, in case of not carrying the document, the person must access with the citizenship card or passport as a visitor.

With this system we will have a control and identification of the people who come daily to the University. In addition, it will allow us to control the capacity of the spaces, monitor the visits made and prevent unauthorized people from accessing restricted areas”, Explained Jhon Fredy Henao Durango, leader of the CES University Security area.

The turnstiles work with a sensor that identifies the card when it is approached by a reader, all this after it has been registered in the database.

Four turnstiles were installed at the entrance to Building C and two on floor 3. In both parts, one of the turnstiles is equipped to allow the entry of people with disabilities”, Explained Carlos Alberto Gómez Arango, project engineer in the Information Technology (IT) area.

In the laboratories a reading of the card was enabled to open the doors, but to get there you must first be registered in advance in a list with the authorized students and teachers that was delivered by the Academic Directorate. Qualified persons may only open the doors of the laboratories in which they were specifically registered.

The registration system stores information such as personal data, length of stay and the date and time of entry and exit from the facilities.

The leader of the Security area Henao Durango added that the possibility of installing this control in other areas of the University such as the Administrative building is being studied.

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