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Three CES University students were awarded the forgivable scholarshipDreams of Peaceof the Bancolombia Foundation, which seeks to benefit 50 young people from rural areas of the country with 100% scholarships in the value of tuition to continue their academic processes.

10 students from CES University applied together with almost 260 other young people for the selection process, of which 50 were chosen to benefit from the scholarship. Participants had to meet some requirements such as being between 18 and 25 years old, have a minimum academic average of 3.5, come from rural areas of the country, among other requirements.

The students who obtained the scholarship from our Institution are: Suzan Dayana Cuesta Rodríguez, 20, a student in the seventh semester of Nutrition and Dietetics born in Quibdó, Chocó; Laura Montoya Carvajal, 18, a second semester student of Biomedical Engineering born in El Carmen de Atrato, Chocó and Abraham Iriarte Naranjo, a second semester student of Biomedical Engineering born in Nechí, Antioquia.

“When a young leader is educated, we not only impact his life but also all those around him, because he will always be willing to share his knowledge to improve the lives of others. This is why we are proud of the alliance of our Sueños de Paz Scholarship fund with CES University, which this time grants grants to three young leaders who seek to give back to their communities and the country with their knowledge. ”, Lina María commented Montoya Madrigal, director of Fundación Bancolombia.

In addition, the applicants presented an essay in which they had to tell on one page, how their academic careers can contribute to a development and a transformation of the rurality of their region, this posing a problem and a solution for said problem.

The Links Bulletin spoke with Abraham Iriarte Naranjo, a third semester Biomedical Engineering student, born in Nechí, Antioquia municipality and one of the 50 beneficiaries of the scholarshipDreams of Peace.Photograph of CES students studying at the University facilities

The truth was I did not expect it, everything was quite fast, but in the end I was very happy because for my mother and for me it is a huge relief to have obtained this scholarship. We also know that it is a responsibility that we have assumed and that we must give it with everything. I want to thank the University for taking me into account and the Bancolombia Foundation for the help”, Highlighted the student Iriarte Naranjo.

José Franklin Díaz Cárdenas, head of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development also spoke about the importance of this scholarship.

"This alliance is fundamental because it is helping young people from all over the country to stay in their universities and also fulfill their dreams and improve their living conditions, which in the end is what the CES University aims at," said Mr. Díaz. Cardenas.

ScholarshipDreams of PeaceIt will begin to become effective from the second university semester of 2020.

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