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Photo- one day CES

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

A CES day is an event organized by the Marketing area of the University in which students from different schools in Medellín and the metropolitan area are invited to learn about the professional careers offered by the institution.

Jorge Andrés Gamboa Lopera, undergraduate Marketing analyst at the University referred to the activity that brings together deans, career leaders, teachers and students who will share their experience of being part of the institution.

"The idea is for them to come, enjoy the day, ask questions and have a first interaction with the University so that in this way they can reaffirm their desire to study one of our 15 careers in a high quality accredited institution", commented Jorge Andrés Gamboa.

The next One Day CES will be held this March 12 between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm on the 3rd floor of building B, at the Poblado headquarters of our University.

“Beyond being the event to promote our career offerings, Un Día CES is a cultural event where many schools in the city already know it and are always encouraged to bring their students. Not only are the careers but the offer of support areas such as: Well-being, Organizational Communication, Global Affairs, the Language Center and Financial Support ”, added Mr. Gamboa Lopera.

The event has several activities in which, for example, the deans of each Faculty will be at stands answering questions that visitors have. There is also a research project pavilion called "Create yourself" for students who want to create a company, as well as guided tours by active students who tell about their experience in the institution in laboratories, simulation centers, practice centers, sports venues, among others.

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