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Gastronomic Festival Photography

Photography: Restaurant N Cocina & Nutrición

The CES University restaurant,N Cooking & Nutrition, is offering a new culinary proposal with the 2020 Gastronomic Festival. This festival seeks that its customers have the option of ordering dishes from its menu that will be prepared according to the gastronomic culture of a different country each month and that will be offered during what remainder of 2020.

In September the menu will focus on Brazilian food, which comes to replace the Spanish food that was offered in August. According to Santiago Colorado, chef deN Cooking & Nutrition, Brazilian cuisine is marked by African and Caribbean influences, with a colorful presence due to the amount of tropical fruits that are used.

The planning is for the 2020 period, but it is expected that the reception will be good and that the festivals will continue in 2021. They are international menus designed so that people have a nutritional well-being in addition to a varied renewal of the menu.”Colorado Builes explained.

From September 15 to 30 the letter will havestewfish (fish in stew) with lemon and coriander rice, and for dessertcobblestoneBrazilian (tiramisu type dessert).

Users can know the proposal and request their address through the single line ofWhatsapp
311 210 2235.

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