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Photo of Aaron Ashmed Flores, a Mexican student who decided to study at CES

With the start of the Biomedical Engineering program this year, Aaron Ashmed Flores Hernández, an exchange student, left the tacos and chiles from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to come to study here at CES University for this semester 2019-1.

“When I decided to do an exchange, I started doing several investigations and then I saw what the CES University had been doing. They gave me several recommendations: that it is a good school, specialized in health sciences and that it would benefit me a lot to study here, ”said student Flores.

Photo of a Mexican student who left his city to study Biomedical Engineering at CES

The support of his colleagues and his Faculty has been fundamental for Aaron, as he has managed to manage the change in culture and has adapted to the lifestyle, in which he has found people who have made him feel at home here.

“I like it and I feel very good in having decided to come to this University, I really like the effort they put into careers here, at CES University, and since it is the first semester of Biomedical Engineering, I see that they have a lot of dedication. And it makes me very cool to be here in Medellín ”, affirmed the exchange student, Aaron Ashmed Flores Hernández.

He feels happy and calm to have come to the CES University of Medellín to carry out his 8th semester, and recommends that all his Mexican friends and other people who are passionate about Biomedical Engineering enter here: “It is 100% recommended and it would be a good option choose this university. If I had the opportunity to return or do my practices here, I would return ”.


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