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A treatment with love is a campaign that emerged at the beginning of 2019, the result of an initiative by Natalia Mejía Valencia, Coordinator of the Physiotherapy service at IPS CES Sabaneta, who considers that patients arrive in crisis, seeking help and the minimum that is needed. can offer you is a smile and a friendly treatment. “A treatment with love is born of two reasons, first that the role of women is to give love and harmony, then as a leading woman I have that premise in all my actions and secondly because we are in an educational and service institution and if I give love I receive love and so everyone wins. " Says Natalia.

The campaign had a high level of acceptance at headquarters, as it is known to both internal and external audiences. However, in order to retake it and give it more strength, it was decided to focus it on the collaborators, that is, a loving relationship between coworkers, with those who see each other every day, since they are a family and as such it is necessary to keep building it daily.

Participants of the Un Deal with Love project

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Starting in October 2019, the campaign was relaunched; This space was accompanied by the Psychologist Adriana Lucía Rave Herrera, Claudia Arango Castaño Internal communication analyst, Mariana Henao Montoya Communicator of the headquarters and Elizabeth Barrientos Rojas Quality Coordinator of the IPS CES Sabaneta. There, the management invited active participation in the next activities to be carried out at the headquarters and finally a dynamic of integration was executed, in which there was a very good disposition on the part of the employees.

The idea is to commit employees with a good attitude, respect and positive changes, in order to achieve that their best version as people and professionals is reflected in the care they provide to their patients and users.

The campaign will be worked actively until June 2020, however, the ideal is to maintain it, that it lasts over time and thus be able to expand it to the other venues that make up the CES organization.

In this regard, Natalia expresses: “I feel very happy and proud, because this proposal was focused on the 15 people in charge and the fact that it grows and reaches the headquarters is proof that love is strength, that it exists and everything you can."

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