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Jhon Stivens Zapata, a student at the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, is currently in his eighth semester at Zhejiang International Studies University in China.

20-year-old Jhon has been benefited by the Sofía Pérez de Soto exchange scholarship, which has given him the opportunity to visit China and live unique experiences there for a semester, exploring new teaching models and facing a style of totally different life.

He traveled on September 15 to a completely different city to live an experience that so far has allowed him to permeate a new culture, and during which he hopes to acquire knowledge that will allow him to contribute to his personal and professional growth.

During the two months that he has been in the Asian country, he has been able to interact with the Chinese culture, in which he has found interesting aspects such as the organization and methodology they have in each of their processes, the warm way in which they welcome students foreigners, as well as the high academic level and discipline that they implement in the classrooms. Jhon also tells us that all the subjects are taught in English and that the level of commitment that the students have has caught his attention, since classes are not lost or canceled, not even when they are holidays.

Stivens expressed that "So far the teachers have shown great support for the two Colombian students who are here, as well as joy to see that they have a good academic level and a good use of English."

In addition to doing regular academic activities, Jhon has decided to enter the program called “Student ambassador”, which is an internal leadership club where you hope to acquire diplomatic skills and academic experience in international business and relations.

So far his international partners are from countries such as Russia, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Ireland, Japan, Germany, among others.

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