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photograph of the new research coordinator of the CES university

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In life, as in the dreams of a chemist, it is investigated from the moment she gets up until she goes to bed. Natalia Yepes Jiménez, a 35-year-old paisa, is the new Research Coordinator at CES University.

Your profession…

From the beginning of her professional career, Natalia forged her path through research, being recognized as a Colciencias Young Researcher during her time at the Malaria laboratory of the University of Antioquia. Additionally, he began with his master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in which he developed and validated a chromatographic technique for the quantification of some anti-malarial drugs in human plasma.

"Since I started at the university where I trained as a chemist, my goal has been to generate scientific knowledge for society, because research is inherent to my career," said Yepes Jiménez.

In 2012 at the Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Research (CECIF) of the IPS CES Sabaneta, they opened the doors to that young woman researcher, who had made a contribution in the search for tools that would allow determining if the Colombian population was generating resistance to some antimalarials.

Natalia's arrival at the CES University Research Coordination took place in mid-February 2021, in which the institution's Research and Innovation Directorate is looking for a researcher with the skills to find and build scientific knowledge.

“The profile of the position is for any type of profession. The coordinator must have communication skills for interaction with research groups, and with teamwork skills. Additionally, they must have skills to develop novel investigative processes , ”said Jhon Freddy Vásquez Rivera, Innovation Coordinator.

A coordination with a lot of research ...

Additionally, for Natalia it is an important achievement to reach the Institution's Research Coordination, where she can be a strategic ally of the Research and Innovation coordinators of the faculties to achieve institutional goals.

From his position he intends to accompany the university community to obtain funding for research projects, motivating teachers to present themselves together with their students to calls for internal and external research projects. Finally, supporting and contributing to start the use of platforms such as Inclusces in University research.

Since I started with my coordination in the area, I have been soaked in the research carried out by the university, and from here I plan to generate and propose ideas that generate new expectations. Where it trains, accompanies and manages the university community to carry out high quality research projects "Yepes concluded.

Natalia's main mission is to support the growth of Research and Innovation at CES University, by strengthening the research culture in both students and teachers.

Although for Natalia being a researcher has always been in her veins, in her daily life she is also a mother and a wife. Among his favorite series is Breaking Bad, and in his free time he decides to go outdoor recreation with his family. Formulas and research are put aside and it becomes family time

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