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As a result of the management carried out by the CESMIDE Center for Evaluation and Measurement of the Faculty of Psychology for more than a year, the National Civil Service Commission (CNSC) granted the CES University of Medellín the accreditation as an ideal entity to carry out carry out the selection processes for public entities at the national level.

Accreditation is a process by which the technical competence and experience of the Institution is evaluated to carry out public merit competitions, ensuring their quality and enables the University to sign with the CNSC, contracts or inter-administrative agreements to advance all of the process or to execute part of the stages that the competitions comprise, destined to provide public administrative career jobs.

“With this authorization, we have the possibility to carry out mass public tenders and certify our technical, administrative and technological suitability to develop merit selection processes and provide jobs to any public entity in the country, such as DIAN, the Ministry of National Education. , the Government of Antioquia, among others ”, stated Katherine Vallejo Hernández, coordinator of CESMIDE.

CESMIDE is a center attached to the Faculty of Psychology of the CES University oriented to research, development of instruments and provision of services related to measurement and evaluation, applied in fields such as education, organizations and society, among others. The Center will be in charge of leading the bidding processes related to public merit competitions in which tests for the evaluation of functional, basic and behavioral competencies must be constructed.

Accreditation brings different benefits to the University: at a technical and academic level, it constitutes the possibility that several faculties of our Institution such as Law, Administrative and Economic Sciences and Psychology work in an interdisciplinary way to advance different phases of the process, generating installed capacity at a technical level. , logistics and strengthening the expertise of our human talent.

“The accreditation also challenges us to demonstrate that the processes carried out by us several years ago for the selection of Hospital managers, controllers and Council secretaries, can be executed en masse with the same quality standards for which the University has been characterized. generating visibility at the national level not only in health areas but also in other types of organizational processes such as the provision of employment with the public sector. So this requires us to do it well, in order to raise the name of the University, ”added coordinator Vallejo Hernández.

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