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In May 2019, the new Risk Management Policy update was approved, which had been in force since 2016 at CES University. This Policy has a new agreement that is 0265 that is already published in the Web page and this consisted of telling employees about the evolution that the Risk Management Office has had and how they have already marked all that evolution in regulatory contexts.

The regulation of risk management is ISO 31000, which is where all the guidelines are given to be a methodological guide and implement the entire system.

Natalia Andrea Muñoz Gil, Compliance Officer of CES University, tells of the changes that the policy had “The entire regulatory framework was incorporated because it did not have it in the previous agreement on the SARLAFT (Risk Management System for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing), which is external circular 009, which is the one that is binding on us to implement the entire system of money laundering and implementation of terrorism”.

In short, the changes that came with the new Risk Policy integrate the other management systems that the University has, such as: occupational health, environment, quality and laboratories.

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