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Saving the Amazon is the initiative created by a group of Colombian entrepreneurs, to which the CES University joined thanks to the proposal made by the National Human Rights and Peace Officer of ASCEMCOL, Estefanía Díaz Gómez and the president of the Scientific Association of Medical students of the CES University (ACEMCES), Laura Isabel Gómez Aristizábal who found this project very interesting.

The proposal consists of encouraging the university community to make donations for the planting of trees in the extreme south of the country, this with the aim of reforesting the Amazon and helping indigenous communities with their subsistence, obtaining work through planting and tree care.

“I found this foundation, it appeared on my social networks and I thought it was very nice that the university community could contribute in some way; We commented on the idea to University Welfare and Human Development and they contacted us with the Sustainability Office, who gave us many spaces so that we could tell the University about the campaign and that the students, teachers and administrators were donating ”, said Estefanía Díaz Gómez, eighth semester medical student.

With the collection made so far by ACEMCES, the first donation of 25 trees was made. All companies and individuals who donate in this project will help 15 communities and 245 families.

The planted trees are marked with the name of the company that made the donation and are cared for by Colombian indigenous communities such as Timbó, Tayazú, Santa Cruz and Umancia for 36 months, since it is the time of care that an Amazonian tree requires to survive for If only.

The CES University, for its contribution to this donation, will receive a certificate granted by the company Saving the Amazon that identifies it as a friendly company with the Amazon.

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