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At least 20,000 people, among professionals in the health area and the general public, will be trained on the management of COVID-19, through free virtual courses that will be in charge of the knowledge of professionals from the faculties of Medicine, Nursing , Physiotherapy and Nutrition and Food Sciences from CES University.

The courses, whose registrations were closed at Easter, are part of the alliance between the Medellín Health Secretariat and the CES University as part of the municipal administration's strategies to face the coronavirus mitigation phase in the city.

The trainings are aimed at physicians, prehospital care technologists, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, cleaning staff, orderlies, food staff and the general community.

“For each profile of health personnel, the concepts most related to their practice and the approach to Covid-19 will be deepened. Each course developed will address the concepts of biosafety, personal protective equipment, mental health and psychological first aid ”, explained the leader of the Promotion and Prevention Unit of the Ministry of Health, Lina Bedoya.

Each of the activities will last between 2 and 10 hours. In addition, they have explanatory videos and presentations that can be downloaded to any mobile device. Those who pass them will be certified by the University.

“It is a training plan in the generalities of the coronavirus. Therapeutic aspects and support procedures that we must know at every moment of patient care will be addressed. This includes not only medical professionals but also technicians who can support us at any given moment, ” added internist and epidemiologist Juan Camilo Díaz, coordinator of Internal Medicine at the CES University School of Medicine.

The open, self-manageable courses will be enabled during April 2020. So far not only personnel from Medellín, the metropolitan area and the department of Antioquia are interested in training. Professionals and citizens from other regions of the country such as Eje Cafetero, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, Bolívar, Atlántico, Norte de Santander have registered and there are even registrants from other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA. USA

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