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People who obtained the teaching qualification

Photography: courtesy Alejandra Valencia Vargas

On December 3, a total of 111 people received certification in teaching qualification courses and diplomas from the CES University. There were 49 teachers, 19 attached teachers, 22 administrative employees, 19 employees of the CES Clinic and 2 graduate students who approved the units taken in person and online in 2019.

The collaborators were certified in six courses: Diploma in University Teaching which is face-to-face and virtual modality; the Diploma in Information and Communication Technologies in teaching practice that is virtual mode, the Virtual Teacher Training Course, the Web Tools for Teaching Course and the Sustainability in Higher Education course that are also virtual.

“All these courses are offered free of charge, where the priority is the teachers. With the administrative staff, specific cases of people who want to access the courses are reviewed and in the case of assigned teachers who are people who do not have a labor contract with the University, they are also given the possibility of being certified ” , said Alejandra Valencia Vargas, coordinator of the qualification courses of the CES University.

The Diploma in University Teaching is one of the most relevant courses for institutional knowledge and promotion in the teaching ladder. It consists of four modules, face-to-face and virtual, in which a tour is made through the pedagogical models, the evaluation, the importance of the curricular processes not only from the institutional but also from the different areas and the fourth and finally on the didactics where they talk about the media, and tools that facilitate the teaching process.

“One of the requirements to move up the teaching ladder is that all academic staff must adequately complete, every three years, a teaching qualification course that is greater than or equal to 20 hours. It is recommended that they start with the Diploma in University Teaching and then take advantage of the very diversified offer ” , concluded the coordinator of the courses.

Since 2009, more than a thousand people have been certified in the courses offered by CES University for teachers and employees of the same institution.

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