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The photograph shows Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio, and Dr. Roberto Martínez Fernández, director of the EFR initiative

The CES University of Medellín was part of the group of 17 companies and organizations in the country that received the certification of a family-responsible company, for work and family conciliation, by the Ministry of Labor, the Másfamilia Foundation and the Cafam Compensation Fund, at a ceremony held in Bogotá.

The efr certification is a model that aims for conciliation and equality within organizations for the improvement and harmony of work and family relationships. This distinction is awarded by the Másfamilia Foundation, which has certified 680 companies and organizations in 20 countries. Colombia, with 67 certified entities, is the second country in the world with the highest certification and the first in Latin America.

It is the conviction that the most important thing in the organization are the people who are part of a family. Now, if there is a construction methodology like Másfamilia developed it and implemented it through efr, welcome. The importance is the demonstration to society of the family approach”Said efr's employer in Colombia, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez and current rector of the CES University.Photograph of the representatives of EFR companies in Colombia

For his part, the Vice Minister of Labor, Carlos Alberto Baena, stated that the efr certification encourages support for equal opportunities and inclusion, taking into account current legislation and collective bargaining, so that Efr companies carry out self-regulation voluntary in the matter.

The articulation of personal, social, business and state management, allowing to go beyond legal orders, achieving a better balance in the reconciliation of the worker's family and work life”Added Deputy Minister Baena.

The new 17 efr certified companies are Feedback Experiences, Casa Grajales, Medicall TH, Impocoma, Los Nogales Clinic, Olaya Polyclinic Center, Total Health ESPS-S, CES University, Appropriate Engineering, Cafam, Juan Ciudad-Méderi Hospital Corporation, ABC Foundation, Salamanca, Oncor Security, Institute of Urban Development (IDU) and Ases., Consultancy, Education and Management and Grupo de Lima.

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