CES University was admitted to WAITRO, the global network of research and technology organizations sponsored by the United Nations. This allows our institution to promote the research and innovation projects that are being developed, in addition to being able to help with other projects outside the institution in the world.

This WAITRO platform has a group of members who are registered researchers around the world, who present their projects through the Saira web platform (which belongs to WAITRO) and if any member, regardless of the country where they are, decides to contribute and be part of said project, from the Saira you can join forces and make sure that the interested parties can develop a topic together.

The idea is that our researchers sign up for WAITRO, in this way they will be able to have access to all the information on projects that are on the network, in addition to that they will also be able to publish their projects in Saira”, Commented Dinah Roll Vélez, coordinator of International Cooperation and Agreements at CES University.

On the other hand, this network annually holds a contest called The WAITRO Inovation Award, where different projects with a specific focus are nominated. In this year 2020 the theme is: challenges related to water. The Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology of the CES University has been designing a project to apply in this contest, for this reason the Digital Links Bulletin spoke with Hilda María Palacio Betancur, professor of the Biology and Ecology undergraduate programs.Photograph of teachers and students in basic science laboratory

“From the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology in conjunction with the Antioquia Science and Technology Center, a project is being carried out that aims to monitor reservoirs and lakes by means of drones, in order to determine if there are cyanobacteria, which they are toxic organisms that can affect animals and human beings that enter these waters ”, pointed out the teacher Palacio Betancur.

To register for WAITRO you must enter theofficial web pageand register with the institutional mail.

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