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Photography: CES Virtual

Two of the CES University headquarters, located in Medellín and Sabaneta in Antioquia, have photovoltaic systems from Celsia, the Grupo Argos energy company. This is how more than 6,000 people including students, teachers and administrative staff when classes return, after the situation, will be illuminated with the energy of the sun.

In total, both photovoltaic systems will generate 323,900 kWh / year of clean energy, equivalent to the consumption of 1,619 Colombian homes.

The 556 panels installed at the IPS CES Sabaneta will serve 30% of conventional energy consumption and on the main campus of the El Poblado headquarters, in Medellín, the 312 panels will serve 25% of its energy demand.

With this project, the CES University and Celsia contribute to the mitigation of climate change in the city, by ceasing to emit 123 tons of CO2 each year, corresponding to the CO2 trapped by 20,362 mature trees in a year.

In addition to the environmental contribution, these solar projects allow economic savings to the University in the payment of energy. Celsia is in charge of designing, assembling and maintaining the photovoltaic system and the university pays it for the energy consumed at a stable price in a long-term contract that is more favorable than conventional energy.

“At CES University we are committed to excellence and sustainability as part of our strategy. That is why we advance in these types of projects that allow us to take action, working for the balance between economic growth that allows viability, the benefit for society with inclusion and social equity, as well as responsible environmental development. What better way to do it than to continue working and building hand in hand with companies with which we find that common purpose, such as Celsia, ”said Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

Ricardo Sierra, leader of Celsia, affirmed that “at Celsia we continue to bet with all the development of non-conventional renewable energy projects in Colombia and Central America. We love these types of projects because they allow to create greater awareness in these generations that are in the process of training about the importance of conserving the environment. We are happy to be allies of the CES University, which after the charging station that we put into operation at the beginning of 2018, was encouraged to develop these two solar roofs. "

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