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Daihana is 23 years old and since 2015 she was linked to CES University. He started in Biology, of which he took two semesters, and in 2016 he decided to transfer to what was then the nascent Ecology degree.

“It was difficult to make that decision, because I had my doubts about making the change to a new program. When I made up my mind, I never thought I was going to be the first graduate, ”Daihana commented.

Despite being a year behind in front of his classmates, the connection between the subjects of Biology and Ecology allowed him to catch up with the rest of his group; a situation that was not free because it earned her extra efforts to take more classes and, in turn, meet the deadlines that Icetex establishes for a beneficiary of the Ser Pilo Paga program.

This dedication of Daihana is something supported by family members and teachers such as Hilda María Palacio, a teacher in the Ecology program who, in addition to expressing her satisfaction for this first graduate, shared the importance of these professionals contributing knowledge in the country.

While Biology concentrates on the study of the organism, ecologists investigate the interaction of that organism in the processes of an ecosystem, and that is why it has a component that is not only biological, but also investigates how we use those systems, what alterations we do them and what restoration processes are important to observe and implement”, Explained the teacher.

Carlos Andrés Escobar Guerra, head of the Ecology Program at the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology, added that it shows how CES University has committed to conservation and diversity, being a national pioneer to adopt this program.

In the country there are only two more universities that offer the degree, and for us it is a great opportunity to position ourselves in this field in the region, not only Antioquia, but the entire northern area of Colombia”Said Chief Escobar Guerra.

Photograph of Daihana Arango Vásquez, first graduate of Ecology from CES University

Photography: Courtesy Daihana Arango Vásquez

Daihana is currently working on evaluating the endemic plant species of the Amazon for the Red List of Plants of Colombia, and hopes in the future to be able to dedicate herself to environmental management. His graduation was on Thursday, July 16, virtually by the protocols of the pandemic established by the University.

The Ecology program at CES University seeks to contribute to social change with a training focused on the technical, scientific and humanistic preparation of its students. All this related to the study, research, management and conservation of natural resources and the environmental conditions of ecosystems

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