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Photography: UTi Laboratories

Photography: IPS CES Sabaneta

Without resorting to methods and experiments with animals such as mice, rabbits, dogs or primates, the capital of Antioquia will have its first laboratory for the evaluation of the safety of natural ingredients and finished products for human use and which has the scientific support of the CES University and the support of the Swiss Embassy in Colombia.

These are the laboratory of the In Vitro Toxicity Unit (UTi) and the Cosmetics Prototyping laboratory, both of the CES University and which will be located at the institution's El Poblado headquarters, in the south of Medellín.

The UTi laboratory will allow the evaluation of the safety of cosmetic products, food additives, biomaterials, environmental pollutants and agrochemicals (such as pesticides). All this with tests of cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, skin and eye irritation, in vitro sun protection factor, dermal sensitization, and by means of alternative methods to animal experimentation.

For its part, the Cosmetics Prototyping laboratory seeks to accompany companies in the natural ingredient cosmetic sector in the design, formulation and development of natural cosmetic products.

“In this laboratory, services will be provided to different sectors with GLP-OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - OECD) quality standards. In addition, it works with cell cultures and the development of new experimental models using 3D printing technologies ”, expressed Dr. Andrés Pareja López, scientific director of the UTi.

The laboratories have areas for the culture of animal and human cells, an area for the culture of bacteria, equipment for specialized analysis and a 3D tissue printer for the development of new experimental models. The new infrastructure required an investment of close to $ 1,000 million.

The launch of the laboratories will be done virtually on December 9 at 4:00 pm, through the official YouTube channel of the CES University. This event will be preceded by representatives of the University, the Swiss Embassy in Colombia - Economic Cooperation and Development Office (SECO), the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Innpulsa Colombia, Swiss Contact and the most competitive Colombia program.

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