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Photo of medical students entering the CEC offices

Corresponding to the growing challenges to ensure adequate quality in the training of health and social science professionals in Colombia, the CES University of Medellín inaugurated the modern Center for Training in Competencies - CEC- Luis Alfonso Vélez Correa, at its headquarters main area of the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellín.

It is a modern space with unique characteristics in Colombia, which consists of 14 cubicles or offices that recreate hospital conditions in infrastructure and equipment, allowing the construction of simulation scenarios highly adjusted to reality and with first-rate technological help.

For the visualization of the scenarios, it has Gesell cameras that allow the observation of the student during the performance of their tasks, maintaining the psychological safety environment for them. It also has state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, real-time recording, structured feedback rooms.

In the CEC we can make a montage to evaluate the competence in the management of an aggressive patient or a patient with aPhoto of a medical student attending to a patient at the CEC chronic illness. What do we evaluate? With several trained teachers we observe how the student makes his initial consultation from the greeting, what question, how he behaves, what is the handling of the diagnosis and how through an interaction he begins with the teacher to give feedback”, Explained the rector of the CES University, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez.

In addition, it has teachers trained in education based on this competency-based training model who accompany internal and external teachers, and other users, in the design of the contents, methodology and the most appropriate curricular model for the achievement of objectives.

In competency training, the human factor is fundamental and the results depend more and more on the adequate mobilization of knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes, in the identification and solution of the main problems and needs of the population, giving a new meaning to the competencies that the professional must show in the context of their professional performance”, Added Dr. Mauricio Vasco Ramírez, coordinator of the Clinical Simulation area of the CES University.

The facilities located on the 13th floor of building B of the El Poblado headquarters of the higher education institution will be at the service of undergraduate and graduate students of the Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pre-hospital Care, Psychology, Law programs, among others. , as well as for outreach activities with public and private institutions in the education and health sectors of the country.



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