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For the first time in 10 years, the CES University of Medellín was included in the top 100 companies that attract and retain human talent in Colombia, according to the most recent ranking of the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation (Merco) Talent.

The institution of higher education, accredited in high quality, was ranked 51st and together with other companies in the retail, higher education, energy and pharmaceutical sectors, it joined for the first time the top of the companies with the greatest capacity to attract the human talent.

“It is a great achievement to be able to enter this monitor, which shows the connection of people with our purpose and validates that we are doing things well. Human resources are the greatest asset of our organization and being able to attract the best talent is one of the competitive advantages that organizations will have on this path to sustainability ” , said Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

The Merco Talent 2019 ranking reported that the companies leading the survey are Bancolombia, Nutresa and Ecopetrol. Of the total of the 100 companies evaluated, 15 organizations are part of the food group, another 15 are part of education and universities, 13 are part of health, 12 are part of pharmaceuticals, 10 are part of electronics and information technology and 10 are part of the financial sector. About 70 companies are of Colombian origin.

“We take pride in working in an organization where the person is the most important. CES University always seeks conciliation, the balance between personal, family and work life of us as part of the organization. This is reflected in this type of recognition. Now we are part of those companies in Colombia that best attract and retain talent, evidencing our commitment to being and well-being ” , added Tatiana Molina, head of the Sustainability Office.

The measurement also revealed that of the 15 variables that were evaluated, the aspects best rated by workers in Colombia were pride of belonging (9.20), ethical and professional values (9.05) and relationship with immediate managers (8 , 59). In contrast, the worst rated items were salary (7.98) and motivation and recognition (7.8).

To arrive at the results, the ranking took into account the participation of eight sources of information that answered 55,649 surveys, voluntarily, between March and May 2019.

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