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Rector of the university and director of the CES Clinic welcoming 2021From this January 18, the administrative, academic, research and extension activities of the CES University of Medellín were restarted, which will continue these tasks under the alternation model to guarantee the protection of the health and general well-being of the entire university community, before the high spikes of contagion that the country is currently going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the entire community connected in a virtual way from the CES Theater, the rector of the CES University, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, recognized the performance of the nearly 1,200 employees of the organization in 2020, whom he invited to work with positivism , hope and resilience in this new work year, through personal and professional evolution, and the adaptation of processes in the midst of the pandemic.

We will continue with alternation, we will not have crowds, we will have more biosecurity. What is January and February we are going to work a lot of virtuality. We are going to wait for the vaccination effect and as an organization we have to move on. Since the pandemic we have not suspended activities, both the CES Clinic and the CES University”, Clarified Dr. Osorio Gómez.

For his part, the general director of the CES Clinic, Dr. Andrés Trujillo Zea, also from the CES Theater, joined to welcome the employees, including the health personnel of the Clinic, who have not stopped their human efforts and technicians in patient care, especially people who are carriers of COVID-19.

The call is that this year we face it with all the decision to continue advancing our CES organization, our CES Clinic, our CES University and all the centers that we have attached to our CES family. I hope that together we continue to grow and build this new CES”, Stated the general director of the CES Clinic.

CES University and its service centers will continue with academic activities and the provision of services, respectively, under strict biosafety protocols, with the application of methodologies such as the 'peak and faculty', where students and teachers attend the venues for days only to laboratory and practical activities for careers; the implementation of the CES platform takes care of me to carry out epidemiological control at the entrance of the headquarters of all internal and external personnel; it will not allow a capacity in each of its venues greater than 38% to avoid crowds, among others.

However, the institution will continue to be vigilant in evaluating and complying with the sanitary measures adopted by the national government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the recommendations delivered by the Ministry of National Education to continue the operation of the institution, always ensuring for the health and well-being of its entire university community.

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