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The CES University of Medellín rose to 12th place in Colombia and 2nd in Antioquia as one of the higher education institutions, re-accredited in high quality, with good practices and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability, according to the most recent Green ranking Metric World University.

The ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia that was born in 2010. The purpose of this project is to analyze the result of an online survey on the current situation and policies related to Sustainability in the world's universities, all this in order to fight against global climate change, energy and water conservation, waste recycling and green transportation.

For the second year we present ourselves in this ranking and we see how our commitment to sustainability materializes and we are making progress. In our new development plan, sustainability is consolidated in a strategic and transversal way, bringing new challenges that allow us to continue developing these good practices to work for the balance between economic growth that allows viability, benefits for society with inclusion and social equity, as well as responsible environmental development”, Said Tatiana Molina Velásquez, head of the CES University Sustainability Office.

The University was evaluated by points and received a percentage of maximum score, over 100%, in six categories as follows: Environment and infrastructure (55%); Energy and climate change (61.9%); Waste (58.3%); Waters (75%); Transportation (66.6%); and Education (63.8%). In the world ranking, out of a total of 780 universities from 85 countries, our alma mater is ranked 167.

Among the aspects highlighted by the CES University evaluation, the campus area is within a plantation and covered with forest, the destination of the university budget for sustainability initiatives; the number of renewable energy sources on campus, the implementation of elements for green buildings, the program to reduce the use of paper and plastic within the venues, the water reuse programs, the policies for respecting pedestrians and the decrease in private vehicle use and the relationship between sustainability funding and research.

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