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Under the premise of saving lives, the solidarity campaign was presented in Medellín #SomosUno, an initiative that seeks to promote organ, tissue and blood donation in Colombia, because according to official figures, there are at least 2,800 people waiting for a donor to improve their living conditions.

The campaign led by the San Vicente Foundation was joined by the CES University, the only institution of higher education in the country that is part of the group of 28 entities that were initially linked to the campaign. The CES Clinic is also part of the initiative.

"We join this important initiative because we believe that universities with the training of human resources in health for transplants and motivate people, both parents, students and employees to donate their organs upon death to improve the number of transplanted people . It is everyone's duty to contribute to this noble cause, ”said Dr. Ricardo Posada Saldarriaga, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and who signed the pact for solidarity on behalf of the University.

People in auditorium at the presentation of #SomosUno

Photos: Organizational Communication Office

For example, during the presentation of the campaign four women told how an organ transplant changed their lives. One of them was Dona Blanca who spoke of the courage she had to donate one of her kidneys to her daughter Zuanlly. Today they are both in good health.

“My invitation is that: please donate. Let's say yes to organ donation, with this we help people to have a better quality of life and we are simply going to be happy because if God has done so much for us, why not give a little of ourselves for our fellow men " , said Blanca who donated one of her kidneys to her daughter.

Antioquia is the department with the most organ and tissue donors in the country, although the numbers in recent years have decreased.

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