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On Thursday, April 16 at 10:00 am, CES University said good morning to its future graduates. At that time, the first virtual graduation in the history of our Institution began, where 39 students from Medicine, Dentistry and specialization in Perfusion and Extracorporeal Circulation enjoyed a unique ceremony.

The ceremony began with the words of our rector, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, followed by the oath of the CES University. Then the names of the graduates were read and the medical oath was taken, in order to close the ceremony and allow the new professionals to celebrate with their families from their homes.

On this occasion, 28 students from Medicine, 10 from Dentistry and one from the specialization in Perfusion and Extracorporeal Circulation graduated. The medical students graduated early, as they voluntarily offered to provide their services to combat the pandemic that is hitting the world these days.

“The virtual graduation experience exceeded all my expectations and even those of my family. I dare say that it was more emotional than having done it in person. The mere fact of taking my oath and then being able to hug my parents who were by my side or knowing that my grandmother was watching me knowing that I would not have been able to go to the face-to-face ceremony, is priceless ", commented María Pérez Vallejo, a graduate of Medicine.

The deans of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry spoke with the Digital Links Bulletin about the virtual experience and the institution's commitment to deliver new health professionals in times of health crisis.

Photo of the rector Jorge Julián Osorio in the virtual graduation of students

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"For us as a University and as a Faculty of Medicine, it is a pride to be able to graduate these students at this very difficult time and it is very important since these 28 doctors are going to go out to support their colleagues in this season that needs them so much ," he said. Dr. Ricardo Posada Saldarriaga, dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

It is very important for the School of Dentistry to be able to graduate these students, since we are allowing them to join their new work stage and they would not be delaying three or six months due to the pandemic that is hitting us ”,said the dean of the School of Dentistry, Dr. Julián Emilio Vélez Ríos.

The ceremony allowed, for example, that people who were not in the country could enjoy this event, opening the door to new ways of celebrating these events and showing us that thanks to technology we can continue developing day-to-day activities at the institution.

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