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In the midst of the difficult economic situation that some households in Colombia live, as a result of the mandatory confinement decreed by the national government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus; The CES University of Medellín, aware of the current social reality, will maintain financial support for 1,230 scholarship students in the second semester of 2020.

The support that has been done for years from the CES Solidarity Fund, not only in the midst of the pandemic, contemplates maintaining financial support in enrollment, food, transportation and accommodation for students from strata 1, 2, 3 and 4 from of Medellín and other municipalities.

“Today more than ever they need us. In this time of contingency, many conditions have changed and the University, teachers and administrative staff, we can support them more. We are in solidarity, it is a time of solidarity and that is why I invite everyone to have fundamental support, ”said Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

Photograph of students of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics in practice

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In addition, the manager explained that during the contingency due to COVID-19, the institution of higher education reacredited in high quality, has delivered 243 economic and food support, has made 112 loans of computer equipment to employees and students, there are 15 beneficiaries of Internet connectivity, has delivered fortnightly markets to 18 students, has provided economic support for food to 114 young people and support with accommodation to 17 students. Also, with psychological, emotional, psychopedagogical, academic and social accompaniment of the entire university community.

“We are a Family Responsible Company (EFR) and committed to sustainability as the hallmark of all our actions. We have remained with the conviction of keeping all our teaching-administrative staff and giving continuity to the activities through face-to-face assistance assisted by technology ”, the rector completed, referring to the administrative staff close to 1,200 collaborators.

Through the CES Solidarity Fund, graduates, collaborators, teachers and even some other students have contributed a voluntary financial contribution to maintain support for scholarship students.

In addition, the institution promotes a Financial Strengthening Plan for new students in strata 1, 2, 3 and 4 with a discount of up to 25% in enrollment in some programs for the second semester of 2020, as well as providing support to old students to look for financing alternatives.

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