The CES University is part of the international institutions collaborating with the PSY-covid 19 study, promoted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and which seeks to create a database on the psychological and behavioral effects of people during the pandemic.CES employee working from home in front of a computer

The study seeks that university researchers in Spain can analyze the results and facilitate the preparation of people for a future health crisis, since the current pandemic has revealed the shortcomings that several countries around the world have in this theme.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona has an international collaboration agreement with more than 30 universities in Europe and Latin America, to which a questionnaire was sent to replicate throughout their university community and then be able to transfer the internal results to the university in Barcelona of each institution and thus they will be able to create the database.

At CES University, a little more than 370 people responded to the survey, this is of great importance since it will bring a benefit to everyone because we would be helping to prepare for a future health emergency”, Remarked Erika Alejandra Giraldo Gallo, coordinator of the Doctorate in Epidemiology at CES University.

The PSY-covid19 survey was closed on June 5 and now it only remains for the Autonomous University of Barcelona to interpret the results and create the database.

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