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In May 2019, agreement 0265 was approved by the Superior Council of the CES University, the new update of the Risk Management Policy of the institution, which is published on the website in the section General Secretary and regulations, council agreements higher. Enter the website and get to know her

The intention of updating it is oriented to the evolution that the Risk Management Office has had and the need to include the current regulations with which we work and guide each of the SARLAFT and Risk Management processes, likewise it seeks to give comprehensiveness to each one of the management systems and processes of the University, describing its clear intention of administration, control and mitigation of risks.

Natalia Andrea Muñoz Gil, Compliance Officer of the CES University tells us about the changes that the Risk Management Policy had “the entire regulatory framework for each of the risk management systems and SARLAFT was incorporated, this refers to the Circular external 000009 by which the Risk Management System for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing is regulated, as well as ISO 31000 on risk management, which provides the methodological guidelines for institutional governance in matters of risk management " .

The compliance officer emphasized that with this new update she seeks for the Risk Management area to be seen and understood as a cross-sectional support area for the entire organizational structure.

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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication


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