Medellín, March 15, 2020

CES University suspends face-to-face classes for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education

Given the evolution of the pandemic, the preventive and containment measures adopted by the national, departmental and local governments in the midst of the Health Emergency and the confirmation of new cases of people infected with COVID-19 in the country, the CES University of Medellín is allowed to inform:

1. Face-to-face classes for undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, laboratory or simulation practices and courses at the institution's headquarters in Medellín, Envigado and Sabaneta will be suspended as of Monday, March 16 and for the next 10 days until further notice . Boarding students of the Faculty of Medicine and residents continue their activities in the rotating camps.

2. The CES University will initiate academic activities in virtual mode. For this reason, we invite students to be in constant communication with the Faculties and their teachers to find out what the continuity of the classes will be like. Below you will find the links to review the protocol established by CES Virtual.




3. Managers, directors, deans and heads of programs and support areas are empowered by the Rectory to structure work plans in face-to-face or virtual mode in each of the dependencies with their respective work teams, to reduce the number of collaborators at the venues and possible contact, this from Monday, March 16.

4. Administrative and teaching staff with symptoms of fever, cough, malaise and flu should stay home and inform their immediate boss.

5. The service, group classes and general attention to the internal and external public of the CES University Gymnasium, located in building B (Bienestar) of the El Poblado headquarters in Medellín will be suspended until further notice.

6. Early on Monday, March 16, the Primary Committee of the University will meet, led by the rector with representatives of the General Secretariat, the Administrative and Financial Directorate, the Faculty of Medicine, the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine - ICMT- , the Graduate School and the areas of support CES Virtual and Organizational Communication to analyze the evolution of the health situation and adopt new decisions that will be informed in due course through the official channels of the institution.

7. We intensify contingency protocols and the use of protection instruments, as well as reinforce cleaning and cleaning measures for the institution's infrastructure and its service centers.

8. We reiterate, avoid physical contact with other people. Specifically shake hands or kiss on the cheek to people with flu or cough symptoms. In addition, avoid contact with sick people or those who have symptoms related to the coronavirus. Cover with the inside of the elbow when sneezing. Stay home and wear a mask if they have cold symptoms. The use of this item is suggested only when you are in charge of a person with symptoms.

9. Before any suspicion or doubt of viral pathology, it is recommended to consult the 123 hotline in Medellín or the cell number 3218533928 authorized by the Government of Antioquia.

10. We invite the ENTIRE community, students, teachers, employees, suppliers, users of the service centers to take responsible self-care actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We want the study and administrative tasks at home to be taken as a serious measure of prevention and containment of COVID-19. We have your social conscience before this institutional guideline.

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