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Photography: CES University and Blue Studies

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The CES University, through the Office of Global Affairs, and the study abroad agency, Blue Studies, signed an agreement to promote and jointly manage the offer of courses for immersion in foreign language studies aimed at the community. university and the external public.

The study agency was created in 2006 to accompany the training abroad of students in their second language in various stages. He has 15 years of experience in the education sector. In addition, it has signed more than 4,000 agreements worldwide with institutions and universities ranked in high quality, in 13 destinations in international education: Australia, USA, Canada, Malta, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa among others.

Among the requirements that students, teachers or employees, in addition to the external public, must meet to participate in the offer of this alliance are:

  1. In case of being a teacher or student, they must have the prior written approval of their respective faculty.
  2. If you are an administrative employee, you must have the prior approval of your immediate boss, leaving the conditions of the permission granted in writing.
  3. Employees, students, teachers, who are in default on any concept that has been provided by the institution, will not be able to participate in the current agreement for language immersion.
  4. In case of being favored, the beneficiary must comply with the applicable consideration contract.

"The objective is to provide personalized advice to students based on what they want to study abroad, so that, according to their personal and professional goals, they can enhance their future and open a great path towards what they want to achieve," he said. Juan Jaime Arroyave Restrepo, head of the CES University Global Affairs Office.

To aspire to the benefits of the new agreement, people will be able to register before the 30th of each month from October 2020. Students will be able to make financial payments, according to a stipulated payment plan, according to their financial availability. However, each course must be canceled in its entirety three months before the scheduled trip.

“Our service is 360º. We help people who want to study abroad with the process of applying to school, collecting documents from the embassy and applying for their visa. They are helped with the entire study abroad process ”, explained Natalia Mendoza, Chief Of Friendship Relations at BSI.

The agreement has an initial duration of 2 years. Its extension is not ruled out indefinitely in order to strengthen the strategic alliance between both institutions.
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