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Photography: enrollment in labor technique

Photography: Organizational Communication Office

Until October 30, 2020, registrations will be open for those interested in training as an Administrative Assistant Labor Technician, a technique offered by the CESDE training center, and which is accompanied by the CES University in its training process.

The agreement will have financial support for students and the possibility of doing internships at the higher education institution for a year from 2021.

This agreement is made up of the CESDE (as the entity in charge of training) and the CES University (as the sponsoring institution). The duration of the program is a year and a half, less than what these programs usually have, since the first semester of training, which is only classes, is intensive, and the subjects of two semesters are given in six months”, Explained Marianela García Vélez, technologist in Human Management of Institutional Wellbeing.

García Vélez added that the requirements to access the program are: having full-time availability to study, that the applicant has not previously signed an apprenticeship contract and having graduated as a high school graduate.

The 18 months that the technical training lasts have a total estimated value of 3,040,000 pesos that are paid to the training entity; This value may vary depending on the number of students enrolled, as CESDE makes a discount based on the number of students.

According to the technologist, the agreement between both institutions contributes to the social responsibility of the CES University. In addition, it helps to meet the quotas required by SENA for practitioners, investing money since their training, with a monthly maintenance of 50% of a minimum wage (438,901 pesos) during the first six months of their training. After finishing this stage and starting the internship at CES University, the financial support increases to 75% of a minimum monthly salary for one year.

Those interested in the program can send their resume to the mail with the subject: "Administrative Assistant CES University”.

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