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The Foundation Network for Monitoring and Support for High-Risk Children (Red Sanar) is an entity whose purpose is to build an inter-institutional and intersectoral network that links the civil, scientific, business and government population to work in favor of children high-risk and their families.

So far we have managed to link important entities that have contributed to the growth of the network such as the Éxito Foundation, the Kangaroo Foundation, the Good Start Program of the Medellín Mayor's Office, the CES University, among others, and the idea is to continue adding institutions so that the results are increasingly shocking”, Commented Nathalia Figueroa, one of the three founders of Red Sanar.

The CES University has been actively involved in the development of different events organized by Red Sanar, where it has contributed with the generation of knowledge, support for families, academic and scientific construction and the loan of spaces for their execution.

This year, together with the CES University, they developed the III Seminar on the impact of prematurity in Neurodevelopment “a challenge for education” and the Neurodevelopment Workshop for children and sensory integration with the participation of national and international experts on the subject.

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