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Our CES University opened the doors, from June 17 to 21, 2019, to the smallest of our CES family enjoying fun and creative activities that were carried out in development of the Creative Holidays 2019.

These activities were designed not only to exercise them on vacation, but also to learn about the various areas of knowledge of the faculties and for the greatest digital tips. The children of students, teachers and administrative personnel participated there, without leaving aside the neighbors of our Institution.

Santiago López Murillo, sports manager of the CES University, spoke a little about these new holidays "This edition has been equally successful as usual, but with the added value of having the largest number of children, more than 130, and a new group of 13 to 15 years old".

With trips to the movies, visits to the laboratories of our University, experiencing the Scout life and enjoying some sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and squash, the days went by and the taste and smiles of children and adults increased.

Parents in the company of their children told us about their experience and their favorite activity in this edition of the 'Creative Holidays CES 2019':

Photograph of 4 of the girls who were part of this Creative Holidays adventure

Catalina Vélez, coordinator of Continuing Education at the CES University School of Dentistry, expressed “I like this plan that the U does because children learn and have fun in the same place. They do sports and something very important is that they have known the U since they were little ", and his daughter Mariana complemented “They seem good to me. I really liked Paintball because I thought it hit hard but no, it hit very little ".

“I feel that here they integrate with other children, that helps them socially. And you can see it in their happiness and fatigue when they go on vacation, this being enough compensation for me ” , affirmed Santiago Henao, head of Postgraduate Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics at CES University, and his children Juan Diego and Amalia They expressed that "the best thing about vacations is being with my dad and making new friends ."

Yaneth Barón, a relative of a professor at CES University, told us that "They are very cool, playful and dynamic, because they do different things every day", and her son Juan Guillermo goes out happy every day because he learned to kick karate - do.

These 'Creative Holidays 2019' They left a lot of incredible experiences in all those who were part of this vacation, and most importantly: giant smiles to the more than 132 children who attended.

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