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Photography Musical Voices

Photograph: CES Radio

Voces Musicales is the new talk show that came to CES Radio since August 14 to present 12 artists from the independent music scene of Medellín.

The program is broadcast on Fridays every 15 days at 9 am and is directed by Carolina Aguirre Betancur and Pablo Montoya Zapata, communicators from the Office of Organizational Communication of the University.

The motto of the program is that each song has its story and we go behind it hand in hand with those who star in and compose them. The idea was to have different beats and push independent artists to show themselves. We also wanted to approach our audience with more cultural and musical content.”, Explained Carolina Aguirre Betancur.

The 12 artists who will pass throughMusical VoicesThey come from genres as diverse as Bossa Nova, Carranga, Reggae, Rock, Pop, among others. Two of these artists are linked to the University: the director of the Choral Group Voces, Carlos Andrés Restrepo, and Daniel Ramírez Vásquez, coordinator of social management, known by the artistic name ofDani Vasco.

Its broadcasts last approximately 30 minutes and are divided into three blocks: the first, where the artists tell their musical and life stories; an intermediate one, where one of their songs is listened to and its composition is discussed and a final part with 10 quick questions about their tastes, fears, hobbies, among other aspects.

This type of program refreshes the programming grid, because it is carried out by young people who have a great affinity with that type of audience. It also has a great added value, and the majority of the artists who will be present are local and independent.”, Said David Bentham Arias, coordinator of CES Radio.

Musical Voices will bring a new artist every fortnight, and the broadcast programs will be hosted in ourCES Radio station.

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