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Photo of Witter Estrada next to the University logo, in the rectory officeOn this occasion we will get to know a little about the rectory assistant Maria Witter Estrada Monsalve, who has been working at the U for more than 24 years, passing through different areas, headquarters and Faculties.

Witter is a faithful listener of CES Radio and every day he makes a report, if the programming is good or is 'bad', to the coordinator of the station.

When you arrived at the University, did you go directly to the Faculty of Medicine or to what area?

I have really been in three specific areas. I started at the headquarters in Sabaneta, at the IPS, I was in charge of the administration, management and all external consultation and surgery (…) I was there for almost 5 years (…) Then I went to the Faculty of Medicine, where I worked in the Research Division, at that time Dr. Luz Maria Agudelo was head, I was there more or less from August to December because Dr. Maya, at that time dean of the Faculty, was appointed rector and Dr. Julián Osorio was appointed Dean of Medicine, with this I remained as Dr. Osorio's assistant in the dean and I was still in the Research Division of the Faculty. In the dean with him they were 17-18 years more or less (…) And now I have been with Dr. Julián in the rectory for 3 years (…) In total, I have been working with the doctor for 20 years”.

Witter How has that change from a dean to a rectory been?

That change was very hard, here I confess it to everyone, that first year the change was very hard, let's say that, I have the privilege of having experienced this change in three very specific areas of the University. I remember that the first year, we both worked from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm practically, then that joint and everything was very hard, because the start in the rectory”.Photo of Witter Estrada in our CES radio booth

Witter tell us about something, how many children does he have?

I have a daughter, the great gift of life, at the moment she is 20 years old. She is the second lucky person to have the employee scholarship here at the University, she is studying at the School of Nutrition and is currently in the seventh semester ”. And how has it been? “She is very happy, very well, very judicious. She is very happy at the Faculty”.

Witter ... and what do you like? What is your favorite music? What do you do on a weekend when you leave the rectory and all this stress?

Well, I really like to listen to salsa, I also like to listen to ballads, rocksito, but soft, in fact, I really liked the current programming of the station. What I do? From time to time I go out, have a few rum. I also like to dance a lot, although I have left it a lot, but it is one of my hobbies, dancing”.

Witter we know that the rector is a fan of Medellín, are you also a fan of Medellín or not?

No, green fan. Rather, that issue is not discussed between the two, but if he is a very fan of Medellín”.

What moment have you lived here at the University that has marked you or that you are very grateful for the U?

I am really very grateful to the University for this stability that it has given me and that I have also known how to win (…) And what I am most grateful for at this time is having made my daughter study with a scholarship, because if it hadn't been for That scholarship, my daughter could hardly be studying such an important undergraduate degree, that is one of the things that I appreciate the most at this time”.

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