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Photography: AMVA-UniversidadCES-CAV Agreement

A fox dog that had been run over in the Loma de El Escobero of the municipality of Envigado returned to freedom in this area, already fully recovered from his injuries thanks to a specialized clinical process at the Center for Attention and Assessment of Wild Fauna - CAV - of the agreement between the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá and the CES University.

The adult male, a native species of the Aburrá Valley, was recovered at the beginning of August at the edge of the road in the Loma de El Escobero in Envigado, and taken to the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center of the CES University, where X-rays were taken that, in a run over case, they are essential to reach a timely diagnosis. This was possible thanks to the alliance of that entity with the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá.

The animal had partially lost the mobility of its hind legs and had some skin lesions, but it did not have fractures, which facilitated its recovery. With the treatment given in the CAV, he recovered his muscular strength and motor abilities, and for this and for his wild behavior he was considered suitable for release.

“It is exciting to be able to reintegrate an individual like these to their natural environment, that the prognosis has been so good and that their evolution has been so prompt. It is gratifying that the effort that we put into the CAV every day is thus reflected in a patient who becomes once again with his fellows or free. It is exciting, it is not describable, ”said Sergio Aguirre Catolico, a veterinarian at the Center for the Care and Assessment of Wild Fauna.

Thus, along with 4 marmosas (Marmosa demerarae), 3 warblers (Megascops choliba), 4 squirrels (Sciurus granatensis) and 7 opossums (Didelphis marsupialis), it was taken to properties of the Local System of Protected Areas of Envigado - SILAPE -, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Agricultural Development of this municipality and technical personnel of the agreement between the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá, Corantioquia and the Precoodes cooperative, who chose the property for its ecological characteristics, which ensure food, shelter, dams and sources of water for these animals.

During 2020, 2,228 animals have been released from the Center for Attention and Assessment of Wild Fauna, all recovered in the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley. In this same period, 16 dog foxes have entered the establishment.

The entities make a call to drive with caution on the peripheral roads of the city, through which animals such as foxes, opossums, iguanas, squirrels, tigrillos and some birds naturally cross between patches of forests near the city. "Unfortunately the run over is very frequent, they are patients who arrive polytraumatized and agonized, and in which their fate is not as positive as that of this patient," the veterinarian added.

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