Election Day for Student Representatives 2020

The Rectory and the General Secretary have decided to change the date of the 2020 student representative elections.

New voting process

  1. Voting will be done in person in suitable cubicles with ballot boxes.
  2. Come to the physical voting points that will be located at:
    - CES University El Poblado Headquarters - Main entrance Building C
    - IPS CES Sabaneta - Main entrance
    - Veterinary and Zootechnics Center
    - CES Clinic - CES University Office
    - General Hospital of Medellín - CES University Office
  3. Present your institutional card to exercise your right to vote
  4. Choose your preferred grilled card, made up of a principal and a substitute.
    You must select one candidate for Superior Council, one for Academic Council and one for Curriculum Committee (which represents each program). For your vote to be valid, you must choose a candidate for each establishment. Otherwise, your vote will be taken as a blank vote.
  5. Once marked, deposit the card in the ballot box.
Image new voting process - 2020 student representative elections
Image, this is how you should mark your vote - 2020 student representative elections
Image come to the polls, know the voting points - 2020 student representative elections