SNIES: 90754 | Qualified record: Resolución 8043 de mayo 17 de 2018

We train integral people, technically and humanly, capable of responding with the best scientific knowledge and clinical skills. In addition, they must be free, autonomous, ethical and competent human beings to provide services in prehospital contexts and in emergencies and disasters, both in Colombia and in the world.

Designed to be completed in 6 semesters. Responding to 5 areas of study:
Psychobiological area:You will know everything related to the approach, diagnosis, action plan, management, care and surveillance of the patient that will be under your responsibility.
Professional area:You will learn the skills to reach the patient, stabilize it, pack it and extract it to transport it to the appropriate hospital service as the case may be.
Public health area:You will obtain the vision on the health system, management and attention in emergencies and disasters, knowing who the actors are and the processes to follow according to the situation.
Humanistic area:We provide elements of an ethical and human nature to act as subjects with an open and flexible mind, tolerant and respecting the difference.
Formative research area: We provide tools for the student to question, inquire and correctly record the results obtained in the observation.

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Abiertas (sujeto a cupo)
Interview: serán programadas por admisiones
Admission results: los resultados serán dados directamente a cada aspirante por admisiones después que haya pasado la entrevista
Duration of the program: 6 semestres (3 años)
Payment of tuition: el aspirante admitido tendrá plazo de quince (15) días para realizar el pago de matrícula
Start of classes: 12 de julio de 2021
Registration PIN cost: $78.300 COP
Total cost per semester: $3.870.000 COP
*El costo del semestre depende de la cantidad de créditos que se matriculen.
*Valores correspondientes a 2021

Learn about our registration requirements:
Documento de identidad ampliado y legible.
Foto reciente a color con fondo blanco, tamaño 3×4.
Calificaciones de los grados 9º, 10º, 11° y 12° (si este último aplica).
Copia del acta de grado de bachiller.
Si aún no eres bachiller, adjuntar constancia que cursas el último año.
Resultado pruebas ICFES o SABER 11°. Si no tienes el resultado de las
pruebas, adjunta la citación al examen o constancia de estar inscrito a ellas.
Certificado de afiliación a un sistema de salud (EPS) o medicina prepagada.

Internship coordinator
Rudy Liliana García Betancourt
Teléfono: (57) (4) 4375400 Ext. 5101

Head of the Prehospital Care division - CES
María Eugenia Jaramillo Londoño
Teléfono: (57) (4) 4440555 ext. 1150-1350

Do you want to know more? Write to us

Technology Assistant in Prehospital Care – FUCS
Nataly Medina Rodríguez
Teléfono: (57) (1) 4375400 Ext. 5102

Academic Coordinator - FUCS
Iván Eduargo González Robayo
Teléfono: (57) (1) 4375400 Ext. 5148

of the applicant

If you have a vocation and willingness to help others, our Pre-Hospital Care program is for you.

Why choose
is this program?

We train with extensive theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to provide initial and stabilization care to patients.

of the graduate

They are dynamic and creative, with the ability to innovate and transform emergency care systems.

You must have the ability to work under pressure, be willing to study and give your best, even in difficult circumstances.

Likewise, you must have a vocation of service to provide the best assistance to those who need it, in order to develop skills and

properly address each situation, reducing damage to people, infrastructure and the processes of a critical situation or disaster.

Since 2003 we have trained Technologists in Prehospital Care for the service of the country and we have extended our program in Bogotá since 2011. Under the guidelines of excellence of the Faculty of Medicine.

We generate theoretical knowledge and clinical skills, in addition, we simulate learning environments that allow us to prepare our students in different contexts so that they provide initial and stabilization care to patients, with skills

to assume the coordination or operation of rescue and rescue activities, and to develop prevention, care, administration and logistics activities for emergencies and disasters.

We have training tracks in the city of Medellín, so that students attend and carry out their training with the equipment and tools for the development of skills of the discipline.

Our Prehospital Care Technologist is characterized by being an ethical, dynamic and creative citizen and professional. With a solid comprehensive training that allows you to innovate and transform prehospital care systems in the fields of promotion, prevention, assistance and rehabilitation in emergency situations, emergencies and disasters.

Our graduates work successfully in the health sector, different industrial sectors such as: energy, mining, production, education, etc.


Know the necessary requirements to access the degree process of our University.

Our alliance with

We combine our experience and knowledge to provide our students with the best education.

and scholarships

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

1. Approve all the subjects of the study plan and the specific requirements for each program, reported in the minutes by the Promotions Committee.

2. Present the current evidence that the State determines to be mandatory.

3 . Comply with the requirement of a second language as stated in the agreement of the Superior Council.

4. Presentar certificado de asistencia a la Cátedra CES.
5. Presentar el pago de los derechos de grado, establecidos por el Comité Administrativo.
6. Aprobar el trabajo de grado.
7. Estar a paz y salvo con la Universidad por todo concepto.
8. Tener licencia de conducción de vehículo vigente.
9. Presentar certificado de habilidades acuáticas.

We join our experience, with a University that has a highly experienced Faculty of Medicine in the city of Bogotá, to make a dynamic program, with innovative learning strategies, based on practical exercise, developing clinical skills to train as competent beings .

The result of this alliance is that we were the first Pre-Hospital Care program in the city of Bogotá. Which speaks of a great experience and trajectory in the area.

The FUCS has the following scholarship programs for our students:

• Academic performance
• Institutional Relationship
• Representatives in Institutional Councils
• Students who excel in activities (sports, cultural, artistic, Social, Volunteering, leadership)
• Siblings
• Ethnicities
• Scholarship for socio-economic study
• Food Support
• Maintenance Support

Application dates:
• Primer periodo del 1 al 31 de marzo
• Segundo periodo del 1 al 30 de septiembre

To renew your scholarship:
• Para renovar debes obtener y mantener un promedio acumulado de notas igual o superior a tres puntos cinco (3.5)
• No debes haber perdido materia alguna
• No debes haber sido sancionados disciplinariamente
• Debes estar a paz y salvo por todo concepto con la FUCS
• Debes asistir a las reuniones citadas semestralmente por Bienestar Universitario
• Debes ayudar a promocionar las campañas para la recolección de fondos para otorgamiento de nuevas becas

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and innovation

We promote activities that impact and project scientific, social and environmental aspects. FUCS and the CES University

and Simulation

We take the theoretical activities to scenarios that resemble real places and situations. FUCS and the CES University

Practice fields
(Own and in agreement)

We leave the classroom to put our knowledge into practice in real life. Plus


Learn about the spaces and programs for personal and collective development of the FUCS and the CES University

Program name:
Technology in Prehospital Care

Facultad de Medicina

Program modality:

Program type:

SNIES code:

Qualified record:
Resolución 8043 de mayo 17 de 2018

7 años


Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud (FUCS)

Title awarded:
Tecnólogo en Atención Prehospitalaria

3 años (6 semestres)

Total cost per semester:
$3.650.400 COP

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