SNIES: 107261 | Qualified registration: Resolution 013939 August 15, 2018

We train specialists with skills for the design and implementation of neurodevelopmental and learning interventions, in formal and non-formal educational contexts, family, school, clinical and community.

We address the main aspects of children's development in the light of current knowledge in neurodevelopment framed, also, in a perspective of rights and potentialities. 

Likewise, we implement programs to integrate, accompany and enhance learning through neurocognitive stimulation strategies and, also, we develop activities in favor of the neurodevelopmental and learning needs of society. 

Our curriculum is organized into two academic periods that integrate three areas of training: psychobiological, psychoeducational and research. It is conceived as an integrative experience of knowing and doing in relation to the child's learning, its determining factors, the role of biology, the context and the strategies to enhance this development, taking into account an adequate evaluation and the construction of routes. stimulation that will serve as health promotion strategies, which will also contribute to the prevention of sequelae. 

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Know our rates and dates for the year 2021-1

Registration: until April 30, 2021
Interview: It must be requested from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Alexander Von Humboldt University Corporation . They will take place between November 1, 2020 until April 30, 2021
Admission results: The definitive list of those admitted will appear on the Website
Program duration: 2 semesters (1 year)
Tuition payment: Will take place from February 1 to May 14. After passing the admission certificate, the admitted applicant will have a period of fifteen days to make the tuition payment.
Classes start: May 21, 2021
Registration PIN cost: $ 111,000 COP
Cost of academic credit: $ 578,000 COP
Approximate total cost per semester: $ 5,575,000 COP

Documentation required for the registration process:

Copy of the undergraduate degree certificate
Copy of diploma
· Copy of the identity document (extended to 150%)
· Photo size 3 x 4 color, white background

NOTE: Previous documents or photocopies do not need to be authenticated.

Those forms in which false information is verified, or that are not fully filled out, will not be considered.

You will not be able to carry out the interview if you come to it without the minimum required documentation .

Marta Isabel Martínez Zamora
Telephone: (57) (4) 444 0555 Ext. 1563
Mobile: 3157214303

Dean Faculty of Human Sciences
Paula Andrea Mena López
Alexander Von Humboldt Business University Corporation
Telephone: (57) (6) 7450025 Ext. 106
Mobile: 3157214303

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Head of Postgraduate Programs
Marta Cecilia Gutierrez R
Telephone: (57) (4) 444 0 555 Ext. 1563

of the applicant

We are looking for applicants who wish to train in innovative programs in psychology with the quality of CES University.

Why choose
is this program?

We countwith the highest quality standards in education, which allows us a recognition of excellence. 

of the graduate

Ourspecialists have the skills toto guaranteeNeurodevelopment and learning assessment. 

Aimed at professionals in the areas of health sciences, social sciences and education who require qualifying their practice with knowledge of neurodevelopment, psychological development and learning theories. 

Professionals who choose as their area of action programs to stimulate child development in educational, institutional and private settings, from the perspective of neurodevelopment. 

Also those in charge of formulating and executing education projects, both in the field of early childhood, childhood and adolescence and in primary school. 

  • It trains professionals to formulate projects to integrate, accompany and enhance learning from a neurodevelopmental perspective.
  • Because it allows addressing the main aspects of children's development, framed in a perspective of rights and potentials rather than from the deficit.


  • Because it allows the articulation of elements of neurobiology, developmental psychology and learning psychology, in the formulation of projects aimed at promoting the development of children.

Our graduates will have skills to:

• Build elements that allow a greater understanding and reflective and contextual analysis of the biological, psychological and sociocultural processes that take place in human development.
• Address the main aspects of children's development in the light of current knowledge in neurodevelopment framed, also, from a perspective of rights and potentialities.
• Implement programs to integrate, accompany and enhance learning through neurocognitive stimulation strategies.

• Promote an academic community of an interdisciplinary nature that favors the construction of knowledge around the relationship between neurodevelopment and learning.
• Train professionals capable of generating projects framed in the laws, policies and programs that favor child development in Colombia, in order to contribute to their main challenges.


Know the necessary requirements to access the degree process at our University.


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and scholarships

At the University we offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

You must approve all the subjects of the study plan and the specific requirements for each program, reported in the minutes by the Promotions Committee. In addition, it requires:

1. To have presented the current evidence that the State determines to be mandatory.
2. Present a certificate of attendance to the CES Chair.

3. The payment of the degree rights, established in the pecuniary rights.
4. Have approved the degree or research work.
5. Peace and safe with the University for all concepts.

Our specialists in Neurodevelopment and Learning can work as: 

Professionals from educational institutions in different areas of education that stimulate neurodevelopment and learning in preschool and school children. 

• Members of interdisciplinary teams at the local, regional or national level that execute plans, programs and projects that stimulate preschool and school development and mitigate the risk of deficits or pathologies, based on early strategies.

• Professionals in charge of the design, implementation and evaluation of neurostimulation programs in child protection institutions. 

For financing we have agreements with:
CES Educational Strengthening Program
Pichincha Bank
Sapiencia Fund

Fincomercio (Fincoeducar)
National Savings Fund (FNA)

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Legal information of the program

Program name:
Specialization in Neurodevelopment and Learning


Program modality:

Agreement with:
Alexander Von Humboldt Business University Corporation

Program type:

SNIES code:

Qualified Registration:
Resolution 013939 August 15, 2018

Armenia quindio

Title awarded:
Neurodevelopment and Learning Specialist

1 year (2 semesters)

Total cost per semester:
$ 5,575,000 COP

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