Our program aims to train suitable professionals, capable of adequately managing dysfunctions and / or conditions that affect functionality and, therefore, the quality of life of the pediatric population.

Also, we aspire that our professionals are capable of preventing risk factors and implementing pertinent preventive measures, based on adequate and timely diagnosis and physiotherapeutic treatment. All of the above, determined by the ability to make decisions with critical rationing and the ability to solve problems.

We constitute the first post-gradual training proposal for physiotherapists in the country in the pediatric area with a clinical focus.

Our plan is based on the curricular areas: professional, research, sociohumanistics, and administration and management.

With subjects such as: healthy child development, early care, disability and inclusion and practice.

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Inscription: hasta el 30 de junio de 2021
Exam: será programado por la Facultad en modalidad virtual.
Interviews: son programadas directamente por la Facultad en modalidad virtual
Publication of results: Podrás consultar si fuiste admitido en our web o llamando a la facultad del programa elegido
Payment of tuition: Después de pasar acta de admisión, el aspirante admitido tendrá plazo de quince (15) días para realizar el pago de matrícula
Start of classes: 16 de julio de 2021. Confirmar con la facultad
Days and times of face-to-face classes: encuentros quincenales. Jueves 4:00 p.m. a 9:00 p.m. Viernes 7:00 a.m. a 9:00 p.m. Sábado 7:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. y domingo 7:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m.
Place: Universidad CES, sede El Poblado
Registration PIN cost: $163.000 COP
Total cost per semester: $8.673.000 COP
*Valores correspondientes a 2021

Documentation required for the registration process:

· Copia del acta de pregrado
· Copia del diploma
· Copia del documento de identidad (ampliado al 150%)
· Foto tamaño 3 x 4 a color, fondo blanco

NOTE: Previous documents or photocopies do not need to be authenticated.

Those forms in which false information is verified, or that are not fully filled out, will not be considered.

You will not be able to carry out the interview if you come to it without the minimum required documentation .

Coordinator of the Master of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics.
Claudia Bibiana Garcia Paz
E-mail: cgarcia@ces.edu.co
Telephone: (57) (4) 444 05 55 Ext. 1190

Head of postgraduate Faculty of Physiotherapy
Sandra Milena Hincapié Garaviño
E-mail: shincapie@ces.edu.co
Telephone: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1644

Do you want to know more? Write to us

Administrative assistant
Katherine Torres Marín
E-mail: ktorresm@ces.edu.co
Teléfono: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1258

of the applicant

Our applicants are professionals in the areas of health, physiotherapy, research and teaching.

Why choose
this program

We have professional experience in our programs. Learn about the advantages of studying with us.

of the graduate

Our graduates are able to integrate interdisciplinary work teams.

Oriented to professionals with undergraduate training in Physiotherapy, interested in the themes of the life course of childhood and adolescence.

Motivated people to continue their training process, able to work as a team and participate in clinical and community settings.

We are the first postgraduate training proposal for physiotherapists in the country for the pediatric area with a clinical focus.

Our master's graduates will have an ethical, autonomous, responsible, innovative, open and sensitive attitude, which allows them to work in interdisciplinary teams, guided by the natural and social context and under institutional values and principles.

In addition, they will be able to have a permanent reflective attitude towards individual and social actions, which allow them to contribute to the analysis of public policies on health and disability in the pediatric population.

Also, our graduates will be prepared to practice physiotherapeutic procedures supported by scientific evidence and treat alterations in human body movement from birth to adolescence.


Know the necessary requirements to access the degree process at our University.

Groups of

We offer different research groups to strengthen the knowledge of our professionals.

and scholarships

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

You must approve all the subjects of the study plan and the specific requirements for each program, reported in the minutes by the Promotions Committee. In addition, it requires:

1. Haber presentado las pruebas vigentes que el Estado determine como de obligatorio cumplimiento.
2. Presentar certificado de asistencia a la Cátedra CES.

3. El pago de los derechos de grado, establecidos en los derechos pecuniarios.
4. Haber aprobado el trabajo de grado o investigación.
5. Paz y salvo con la Universidad por todo concepto.

Research is part of the professional development of our students, and for this reason, at CES University we promote the creation of new solutions that allow us to improve the quality of life in our society.

For financing we have agreements with:
Programa de Fortalecimiento Educativo CES
Banco Pichincha
Fondo Sapiencia
Fincomercio (Fincoeducar)
Fondo Nacional del Ahorro (FNA)

We have our own scholarships and in alliance with the following entities:
Entidades públicas

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Legal information of the program

Program name:
Master of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics

Facultad de Fisioterapia

Program modality:

Program type:

SNIES code:

Qualified Registration:
Resolución 013388 del 14 de agosto del 2018

7 años


Title awarded:
Magíster de Fisioterapia en Pediatría

1.5 años (3 semestres)

Total cost per semester:
$8.673.000 COP

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