Our program was created to give the profession the opportunity to base scientific and technological knowledge in evidence-based dentistry, basic sciences and contemporary dentistry so that their clinical, research and academic practice are part of the life project of the professional in a global context.

Being a research-type master's degree, we handle lines of research focused on bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, craniofacial growth and development, innovation, technology and organizations, computational modeling, among others.

We have three research groups classified in Colciencias, which are Cleft Lip and Palate, Oral Physiology, and CES-LPH Craniofacial Growth; in Bioengineering –GIB; and Basic and Clinic in Dentistry -CBO. That support the research that is developed in the master's degree.

Our master's degree is intensified in areas of research, epidemiology, biostatistics, basic and clinical sciences applied to dentistry.

The student handles different data summary measures. Variables and measurement level. Exploratory data analysis and probability concept.

Also, the master applies the historical development of epidemiology and current application in research to identify, analyze, prioritize and monitor health problems.

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Know our rates and dates
Registration: 06-15-2021
Interviews: June 15-18, 2021
Publication of results: June 21, 2021
Registration Payment: The exact date will appear in the registration payment.
Classes start: July 16, 2021
Days and times of face-to-face classes: Fridays 5 pm to 9 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 12.m.
Place: CES University, El Poblado headquarters
Registration PIN cost: $ 163,000 COP
Total cost per semester: $ 9,600,000 COP

• Form duly filled out.
• Curriculum vitae.
• Photocopy undergraduate qualifications.
• Photocopy of the undergraduate degree certificate.
• Amplified photocopy of the identity document.
• Recent digital color photo, white background, 3 × 4 size duly marked on the back.
• Results of the ECAES exam for graduates from the year 2003.
• Cash receipt or bank consignment canceling registration fees.

• Letter of recommendation from two dentists or health professional.
• Photocopy of the certificate of continuing education courses that you have attended.
• Photocopy of research in which you have participated as author or co-author.
• Photocopy of the publications of the last five years.
• Letter explaining the motivation to do the master's degree.
• Summary of the possible research project to be carried out.

NOTE: The above documents do not need to be authenticated.

Those forms in which false information is verified or that are not fully filled out will not be considered.

You will not be able to carry out the interview if you come to it without the minimum required documentation .

Head of the Clinical Postgraduate Division
Pablo Emilio Correa Echeverri
E-mail: pcorrea@ces.edu.co
Telephone: 4 44 05 55 Ext. 1515

Program coordinator
Alexandra Saldarriaga Cadavid
E-mail: asaldarriaga@ces.edu.co
Telephone: 4440555 Ext. 1550 - 1231

Do you want to know more? Write to us

Clinical Postgraduate Assistant
Kelly Yoana Espinal Henao
E-mail: kespinalh@ces.edu.co
Telephone: (57) (4) 4 44 05 55 Ext. 1534

of the applicant

Our applicant is a leader of projects and research teams oriented to new knowledge.

Why choose
is this program?

We have professional experience in our programs. Learn about the advantages of studying with us.

of the graduate

Our graduates are able to use research to solve problems.

He has a special interest in generating new knowledge in the field of public health and clinical research, especially in the oral cavity.

Manages databases, analyzes them and achieves adequate dissemination and application of research results.

Prepare or adapt the evidence-based clinical practice guide.

In addition, it is capable of designing, executing and directing research projects in the field of public health and clinical research, as well as carrying out systematic reviews, meta-analyzes, and cost-benefit studies.

He actively participates in the selection of priorities, the formulation of policies and also designs, directs and evaluates preventive interventions.

We are recognized for our focus on research and development of new evidence-based knowledge, based on the training of professionals with a global vision.

Our University has high quality accreditation in education, which makes us recognized in the work environment.

We have various research groups to develop and strengthen the knowledge of our students.

The graduate of our program may serve as director of technology research and evaluation departments, be a member of the steering group of a governmental or non-governmental institution.

In addition, he has a profile of principal investigator and / or advisor of research, metacentric, and business projects in the health area.

In the case of a clinician, the incorporation of their own research strategies allows them to more adequately evaluate the scientific information of their specialty, which in turn should be reflected in informed decision-making and rational use of health resources .


Know the necessary requirements to access the degree process at our University.

Lines of

We offer different lines of research to strengthen the knowledge of our professionals.

and scholarships

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

You must approve all the subjects of the study plan and the specific requirements for each program, reported in the minutes by the Promotions Committee. In addition, it requires:

1. To have presented the current evidence that the State determines to be mandatory.
2. Present a certificate of attendance to the CES Chair.

3. The payment of the degree rights, established in the pecuniary rights.
4. Have approved the degree or research work.
5. Peace and safe with the University for all concepts.

Basic and Clinical Research Group in Dentistry - CBO

Basic sciences applied to dentistry
Oral Health: epidemiology and public health
Clinical dentistry
Behavioral Sciences in Dentistry

Research Group on Cleft Lip and Palate, Oral Physiology and Craniofacial Growth –CESLPH–

Cleft Lip and Palate
Quantitative Oral Physiology
Growth and development

For financing we have agreements with:
CES Educational Strengthening Program
Pichincha Bank
Sapiencia Fund
Fincomercio (Fincoeducar)
National Savings Fund (FNA)

We have our own scholarships and in alliance with the following entities:

Public entities

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Legal information of the program

Program name:
Master of Dental Sciences


Program modality:
Face-to-face - Research

Program type:
master's degree

SNIES code:

Qualified Registration:
Resolution 13294 of July 11, 2017


Title awarded:
Master of Dental Sciences

2 years (4 semesters)

Total cost per semester:
$ 9,600,000 COP

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