SNIES: 90873| Qualified Registry: Resolution 15164 of August 2, 2017

Our program is in agreement with the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga -UNAB-, to train technologists in pharmacy regency competent for the management and promotion of access to medicines and medical devices, the quality and appropriate use, the surveillance, monitoring and auditing of these in the pharmaceutical establishments according to the current legislation that regulate the provision of the pharmaceutical service in the country.

The technology program in Regency of Pharmacy in virtual modality has a duration of six semesters for a total of 102 credits.

Although the courses are taught virtually, the curriculum includes a face-to-face component in which academic practices are carried out in the fourth and sixth semesters.

The practice of the fourth semester is of 27 hours, which consists of a workshop of compounded preparations that takes place in the laboratories of CES University or of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga (at the student’s choice).

The practice of the sixth semester is 192 hours, which takes place in a pharmacy service of an IPS in the municipality closest to his place of residence.

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Enrollment: Until Thursday, July 18, 2019
Interview: You will find the information on the registration credential that will be sent to the email you registered. In case you do not get the complete information, you can contact the faculty and request it
Admission results: July 18, 2019
Duration of the program: 6 semesters (3 years)
Tuition payment: you will get your registration payment by email where you will find information on dates, value and payment methods
Start of classes: January 27, 2020
Class schedule: Virtual distance
Enrollment pin fee: $ 170,000 COP
Total cost per semester:  $ 2.048.000 COP
*The cost of the semester depends on the number of credits that are enrolled.

Documentos de admisión
El proceso de inscripción debes hacerlo por medio del portal web de la UNAB.

Para solicitar la Admisión se deben entregar los documentos relacionados a continuación:
• Autorización de tratamiento de datos personales.
• Si eres menor de edad, diligencia el formato GAM1-FO-07 – Autorización de tratamiento de datos personales para menores de edad. Adjuntar las DOS hojas correspondientes.
• Documento de identidad ampliado al 150% de ambas caras (tarjeta de identidad, Cédula o contraseña).
•Documento de prueba SABER 11 (antes ICFES).
• Diploma o acta de grado de bachiller reducido a tamaño carta.

CES University
Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology
Martha Merchán Grajales
Phone: (57) (4) 444 0555 Ext. 1225 – 1240

Autonomous university of Bucaramanga
School of Technical and Technological Studies
Carolina Esteban Cifuentes
Phone: (57) (03) 318 372 6881 – (7) 643 61 11 Ext. 381


Know the characteristics and profile to enter the Pharmacy Regency program.

Why choose
this program?

We assume challenges of the future, offering innovation, flexibility and better academic possibilities.


Our Pharmacy Regency Technologist is dynamic and creative with training to innovate.

Virtuality demands greater dedication, so our students must be autonomous to handle the schedules and the requirements of the program.

Teamwork, creativity and exploration under the guidance of virtual tutors will be the tools that will help you in your process. You will never be alone!

• The scientific, technical and humanistic training received, as well as the skills developed in the English and computer skills.
• Agreements for the development of training in work centers (FCT) – Practices with the Institutions that provide Health Services of low, medium and high complexity.

• Teaching staff with high academic level that guarantees the obtaining of tools and the knowledge necessary to compete in the market.
• Development of the integrating project that will allow the student to complement their university training in the area of research.

The graduate will work in outpatient and hospital pharmaceutical services of low, medium and high complexity; for distributors of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, and in pharmaceutical companies.

Similarly, the graduate can serve as technical director of low complexity pharmaceutical service and wholesale pharmaceutical establishments (drug stores, pharmaceutical specialty agencies), representative of marketing and sales of pharmaceutical houses, distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, inspector in the territorial entities, dispenser in drugstores, pharmacies and pharmaceutical services.


Know the necessary requirements to access the degree process of our University.


Know our facilities, benefits and services we have for you

and scholarships

The financing options and scholarships are directly managed by the entities in agreement that UNAB has.

According to the regulations of the UNAB, to obtain the corresponding degree and diploma, in addition to the requirements of law and regulations, the student must have met all the requirements demanded by the program. Once the aforementioned has been completed, he will receive the diploma and the degree certificate on the date indicated by the Academic Council, during a special ceremony. Exceptionally it will be delivered by the General Secretariat, upon request to said office.

Institutional requirements shall be understood as the presentation and obtaining of the minimum qualification set by the University in the

Quality Exam of Higher Education (ECAES) and be in good standing with UNAB for all reasons.

To apply for a degree the UNAB-CES Pharmacy Technology Regency student must::
– Have completed all academic credits of the study plan
– Have presented the Saber T&T tests
– Be in good standing with the Institution

At CES University we look after the welfare of our students, and that is why we have developed physical, social, sports and cultural spaces so that the educational community can access them at any time.

Our campus has an infrastructure of 3 buildings with parking, green areas, more than 15 restaurants, accessibility ramps, coliseum and sports areas for squash, table tennis, billiards, video games, and gym, among others.

The Autonomous University of Bucaramanga offers students financing options for their studies.

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We offer spaces and programs for the personal and collective development of the CES community. UNAB and CES University

Legal information of the program

Name of the program:
Technology in Regency of Pharmacy UNAB-CES

Sciences and Biotechnology

Modality of the program:

Type of program:


Qualified Registry:
Resolution 15164 of August 2, 2017

Autonomous university of Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga – Virtual

Title granted:
Technologist in Pharmacy Regency UNAB-CES

3 years (6 semesters)

Total cost per semester:
$ 2.048.000 COP

Free of charge

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