SNIES: 105167| Qualified Registration: Resolution 020947 of 2015

Among the contemporary public health issues that merit professional training, drug use / abuse stands out, due to the implications it has on people, communities and health systems.

The Master in Drug Dependencies, addresses this issue from a public health, mental health and clinical toxicology approach, training professionals who help to understand the phenomenon of drug use / abuse and provide them with skills and abilities that allow intervention at the levels of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and the development of harm reduction strategies, taking into account the great associated comorbidity, physical and mental.

We develop our program in three face-to-face and independent cycles, giving our students the possibility of strengthening their knowledge in drug addictions based on research and applied practice.

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Inscripción: 30-06-2020
Entrevistas: Hasta el 1 de julio de 2020. Se realizarán de manera presencial o virtual dada la contingencia. La fecha y hora de la entrevista deben solicitarse a la Facultad desde la inscripción en el teléfono (4) 4440555 ext. 1351 o al correo
Publicación de resultados: 1 de julio de 2020. Los resultados podrán ser consultados en el Portal web.
Pago de Matrícula: Hasta el 4 de julio de 2020
Inicio de clases: 3 de julio de 2020
Días y horarios de clases: viernes 7:00 a.m. a 12:00 m., 1 p.m. a 5 p.m. y sábados de 7:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. Modalidad mensual
Costo PIN de inscripción: $163.000 COP
Costo total por semestre: $7.650.000 COP.

Documentación requerida para el proceso de inscripción:

· Copia del acta de pregrado
· Copia del diploma
· Copia del documento de identidad (ampliado al 150%)
· Foto tamaño 3 x 4 a color, fondo blanco

NOTA: Los documentos o fotocopias anteriores no necesitan estar autenticados.

No se considerarán aquellos formularios en los que se compruebe falsedad en los datos, o que no estén totalmente diligenciados.

No se podrá realizar la entrevista si viene a ella sin la documentación mínima exigida.

Coordinador de programa
Guillermo A. Castaño Pérez
Teléfono: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1250

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Asistente División de Salud Pública
Sandra Milena Cadavid Zapata
Teléfono: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1351

Applicant Profile

Our applicant is a leader in projects and research teams oriented to new knowledge

Why choose this program?

We have professional experience in our programs. Know the advantages of studying with us.

Graduate Profile

Our graduates are able to use research to solve problems.

Aimed at general practitioners and specialists in psychiatry, toxicology and pediatrics, Psychologists, neuropsychologists, Nurses, Social Workers and Family Therapists.

• For being the only Masters in Drug Dependencies in the country, with a clinical approach and being attached to a Faculty of Medicine.
• For being theoretically based on toxicology, public health and mental health.
• For basing its learning strategy on problem-based teaching.
• For its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of both teachers and students convened, from different areas of health and social sciences.

• For having a duration of only three academic periods.
• For being offered in a face-to-face presence, with the support of virtuality and having to attend university only once a month, one weekend.
• For the imprint of the baggage of CES University with its long journey in mental health, with its undergraduate degree in psychology, the master’s degrees in Mental Health of the child and adolescent and clinical Psychology, and the Specialization in Psychiatry of the Faculty of Medicine, where One of the training topics is drug dependence.

The graduate of the master’s degree will have a comprehensive training that allows him to address and understand the complexity and multicausality of drug addictions and other addictions and will therefore be able to:

• Design, implement and evaluate evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation programs.
• Design, develop and evaluate prevention programs based on evidence-based medicine.

• Recognize research models that enable the analysis and intervention of drug addictions.
• Promote the transfer of knowledge through interdisciplinary dialogue and the articulation between theory, research and social reality.
• Propose solutions to the problems of drug addictions and other addictions.

Degree requirements

Know the requirements to access the degree process at our University.

Job Possibilities

Get to know the work fields where you can work after being a graduate of CES University.

Financing and scholarships

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

You must pass all the subjects of the study plan and the specific requirements for each program reported in the minutes by the Promotions Committee. In addition, it is required:

1. Have taken the current tests that the State determines as mandatory.
2. Present certificate of attendance to the CES Chair.

3. The payment of the rights of degree, established in the pecuniary rights.
4. Have passed the grade or research work.
5. Be in good standing with the University for every concept.

The Masters in Drug Dependencies may work in the following fields:

• Addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers, family care centers, health care institutions, social enterprises of the state in health, and all those institutions dedicated to the promotion of mental health, prevention and treatment of drug addictions and other addictions
• Public or private sector where they are responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of mental health policies, programs and / or projects with an emphasis on drug addiction and other addictions.

• Universities, institutions of higher education or public or private educational entities, responsible for training professionals to intervene or investigate drug addiction and other addictions.
• Research groups whose lines of work are focused on the production of knowledge related to the subject matter of this master’s degree.
• Interdisciplinary working groups at the local, regional, national and international levels that execute plans, programs and projects in drug addiction and other addictions.

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

For financing we have agreements with:

Bank of Bogota
“Sapiencia” Fund
Pichincha Bank
Fincomercio (Fincoeducar)
National Savings Fund (FNA)
Helm bank

We have our own scholarships and in partnership with the following entities:

Public entities

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Program Information

Name of program:
Masters in Drug Dependencies


Modality of the program:
Face-to-face – deepening

Type of program:
Master’s degree

SNIES code:

Qualified Registration:
Resolution 020947 of 2015


Title awarded:
Masters in Drug Dependencies

1.5 years (3 semesters)

Total cost per semester:
$7.650.000 COP

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