SNIES: 108281| Qualified registration: Resolution 9076 of August 28, 2019

The Specialization in Veterinary Imaging at CES University is a program created for Veterinary Doctors or Zootechnical Veterinarians, with the intention of developing in advanced clinical areas, and interest in having skills in obtaining and interpreting diagnostic imaging techniques, safe and prudent handling of radiation, as well as the relevant handling of diagnostic equipment (x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and tomography), which is developed in three academic semesters. The program includes in-depth courses on small and large animal species.

The program is structured in three (3) semesters, with 16 weeks per semester, in which the students will attend master classes, participate in teleconferences and virtual forums, as well as in-class imaging and image interpretation practices. It has theoretical and practical activities that will allow the student to acquire the necessary skills. Its activities will be concentrated in three blocks of classes in each semester (10 days at the beginning, 10 days in the middle and 10 days at the end of each period).

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Enrollment: until June 4, 2021
Interviews: June 10, 2021. They will be held in the dean of the faculty. The date and time of the interview will be notified by the Faculty. You can also request it from the registration to the email or by phone (4) 4440555 ext. 1515
Admission results: June 11, 2021. The definitive list of those admitted will appear on the Website
Duration of the program: 3 semesters (1 year and a half)
Tutuition payment: After passing the admission certificate, the admitted applicant will have a period of fifteen (15) days to make the registration payment
Classes Start:
July 23, 2020: Graduate Division Faculty Induction - July 15, 2020: A Day with Wellbeing - July 23, 2020: Beginning of Academic Activities
Registration PIN cost: $163.000 COP
Total cost per semester: $7.750.000 COP

*The cost of the semester depends on the number of credits enrolled.

Learn about our registration requirements:

  • Extended and readable identity card.
  • Recent color photo with white background.
  • Copy of the professional title certificate.
  • Certificate of affiliation to a health system (EPS) or prepaid medicine.

Administrative Assistant
Nataly Zapata Betancur
Telephone: (57) (4) 444 0555 Ext. 1515

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Paula Palomino Cadavid
Telephone: (57) (4) 444 0555 Ext. 1141

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Our applicant is a professional with an affinity for both large and small species.

Why choose
this program?

We have professional experience in our programs. Learn about the advantages of studying with us.


We develop skills in obtaining and interpreting diagnostic imaging techniques, handling radiation and diagnostic equipment.

Veterinary Doctors or Zootechnical Veterinarians.

  • Training lines in small and large species.
  • Training in x-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT.
  • Flexible training, with face-to-face activities concentrated at different times during the semester.
  • Our own veterinary centre, with technical resources, infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • National and international teachers.

Specialists with skills in obtaining and interpreting diagnostic images acquired by x-ray, ultrasound, tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.


Learn about the requirements to access the degree process of the Specialization in Veterinary Imaging program.


Our specialists will be able to work in different professional sectors.

and scholarships

We offer financing options and scholarships to our students with entities in agreement.

You must pass all study plan subjects and specific requirements for each program, reported in the minutes by the Promotion Committee, and in addition…

  • Submit the certificate of attendance to the CES Chair.
  • The payment of the grade rights, established in the pecuniary rights.
  • To have approved the graduate work, which for the program will be a clinical case or a publishable case series.
  • Be in good standing with the University for every concept.

Private performance, university teaching, institutional activity (clinical, hospital and research) in obtaining and interpreting

of diagnostic images acquired by x-ray, ultrasound, tomography, and MRI. Practice of telemedicine

For financing we have agreements with:

Bank of Bogotá
Sapiencia Fund
Pichincha Bank
Fincomercio (Fincoeducar)
National Savings Fund (FNA)
Helm Bank

We have our own scholarships and in alliance with the following entities:

Public entities

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Legal information of the program

Name of the program:
Specialization in Veterinary Imaging

Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics

Program mode:

Type of program:


Qualified Registration:
Resolution 9076 of August 28, 2019

7 years


Title granted:
Specialist in Veterinary Imaging

3 periods

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