Article 364-5 of the ET
Web Registration

1. The name, identification and domicile of the entity.

Night Name / Company Name Direction City Department
890.894.002-6 CES UNIVERSITY CL 10A 22 04 Medellin Antioquia

2. The description of the meritorious activity
The meritorious activities of the University are listed below.

RUT Main Activity Code Activity Code 2 RUT Activity Code 3 RUT Activity Code 4 RUT
8544 7210 8699

Part of the minutes of the founders hall is attached, in which the meritorious activities of the Institution are described.

Meritorious activities 2020

3. The amount and destination of the reinvestment of the profit or net surplus, when applicable
Part of the minutes of the Founders Hall is attached, in which the reinvestment of the net profit or surplus of 2020 is approved, in the text the value and destination of the reinvestment of these resources is displayed.

2020 surplus reinvestment

4. The amount and destination of the permanent assignments that have been made in the year and the additional terms that are authorized by the highest corporate body, when appropriate.

To date, there are no pending permanent assignments to be executed.

5. The names and identification of the people who hold managerial, directive or control positions.

The names of the people who hold management and control positions in the Institution are listed below, these data also appear in the minutes No. 149 of the Founders Hall held on March 03, 2021.

Management positions 2020

Identification number Name Title of the Position
3334964 Guillermo Cardenas Jaramillo Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
3327105 Roque Augusto Arango Calderon Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
8301519 Juan Gonzalo Aristizabal Vasquez Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
70550521 Mauricio Jaramillo Merino Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
8235713 Alfonso Escobar Rojas placeholder image Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
3337304 Luis Carlos Muñoz Uribe Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
71598312 Carlos Mario Latorre Muñoz Founders Room Member
71601302 Gabriel Jaime Cadavid Velasquez Founders Room Member
71589410 Ricardo Posada Saldarriaga Founders Chamber Member and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
71593627 Oscar Alberto Alvarez Barrera Founders Room Member
70548608 Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez Founders Hall Member and Rector
71724566 Andrés Trujillo Zea Founders Chamber Member and Superior Council
98561105 Oscar Emiro Berrio Díaz Dean of Administrative and Economic Sciences
70551187 Julian Emilio Velez Rios Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
7549472 Jhon Didier Ruiz Buitrago Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry
98670912 Diego Alveiro Restrepo O. Dean of the Faculty of Psychology
43723251 Maria Jael Arango Barreneche Dean of the Faculty of Law
98644307 Carlos Andres Escobar Guerra Head of the Biology and Ecology Program
15385665 Diego Fernando Rojas Vahos Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
42825210 Veronica Tamayo Montoya Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy
43207561 Carolina Londoño Peláez Founders Chamber Member and Head of the Biomedical Program
42683453 Piedad Roldán Jaramillo Dean of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
60359723 Dedsy Yajaira Berbesí F. Dean Faculty of Nursing
32180943 Angela Maria Segura Cardona Graduate School Director
71687169 John Wilson Osorio Head of the Humanities Department
71338738 Nicolas Cadavid Betancur Extension Director
76328426 Jose Andres Chaves Acosta Academic Council Teaching Representative
1128277430 Paola Sánchez Zapata Student Representative Academic Council
71217533 Jhon Mauricio Taborda Alzate Higher Council Teachers Representative
71733941 Alejandro Yepes Correa Superior Council Graduate Representative
1037659068 Susana Latorre Velasquez Superior Council Student Representative
3481946 Julian Gaviria Arango Founders Room Member
1039453519 Santiago Eduardo Herrera Diaz Founders Room Member
32457514 Clara Inés Sánchez Franco Academic Director
70549387 Ruben Darío Manrique Hernández Director of Research and Innovation
43535137 Patricia Chejne Fayad General Secretary
8162202 Jaime Andrés Arango Good Financial and administrative Director
15323762 Alberto Elias Chica Lopera Tax Reviewer
1037578560 Natalia Andrea Muñoz Gil Compliance officer

6. The total amount of salary payments to the members of the governing bodies, without the obligation to discriminate individual payments.

According to the payroll information and the accounting records of the Institution in the term of 2020, it is established that, the total value of the remuneration of the people who occupy directive and managerial positions for salary concepts was the following:

Amount: $ 5,187,132,160

7. The names and identification of the founders.

The details of the founders of the Institution are listed below:

Certificate No. Name
3337304 Luis Carlos Muñoz Uribe
8235713 Alfonso Escobar Rojas placeholder image
3316040 Luis Alfonso Velez Correa
501892 Hernan Velez Atehortua
3310565 Carlos Agudelo Restrepo
3334964 Guillermo Cardenas Jaramillo
532238 Gerardo Cadavid Gomez
8216429 Gonzalo Calle Velez
8254437 Aristides Meneses Mira
3329655 Gabriel Tobon Cambas

8. The amount of equity as of December 31 of the immediately preceding year.

The value of the equity as of December 31, 2020 is listed below, the verification of this value can be carried out in the financial statements of the University which are attached in point 12

Equity as of Dec 31, 2020: $ 265,187,568,541

9. In case of receiving donations, the identification of the donor and the amount of the donation, as well as the destination of the donation and the projected term for the expense or investment. For such purposes, it is understood that the donation to an entity of the Special Tax Regime is an authorization to publish the data contained in the registry.

Following the guidelines established in resolution 000019 of March 28, 2018 in its article 6 paragraph 1 “In attention to the provisions on the protection of personal data, especially those contained in law 1581 of 2012 and other concordant regulations, the information regarding the The value of the donations received by the Non-Profit Entity, in the format 2532 "Special Tax Regime Request - Donations Information", will not be discriminated, but the global value of all donations received will be published. "

In the 2532 form, the discriminated information of the grantees was reported to DIAN.

The total value of the donations received by the institution as of December 31, 2,020 was: $ 1,287,782,165

This value is discriminated below:

Donations with specific destination: $ 1,254,918,781
Donations without specific destination: $ 32,863,384

10.When donations are received at collective events, without the individual identification of the donors being possible, the total amount received, the date and the destination thereof must be entered.

Date Destination Amount Investment Term
1/06/2020 Resources Campaign Ties that Bring Hope  $332.294.471 6 months

11. An annual results report that provides data on its ongoing and completed projects, income, contracts made, subsidies and contributions received, as well as goals achieved for the benefit of the community.

In the attached file you will find the Sustainability and management report of the institution corresponding to the year 2020

Sustainability report 2020

12. The financial statements of the entity.

In the attached file you will find the Financial Statements of the University.

Financial Statements 2020

13. The certificate of the legal representative or fiscal auditor, where it is evidenced that they have complied with all the requirements during the respective year, when applicable.

Certification signed by the legal representative and the fiscal auditor is attached.

Certified legal representative and Fiscal Auditor

14. The non-reimbursable international cooperation resources that they receive or execute.

During 2,020, international cooperation resources were received for the execution of projects from the following companies:

Business name Amount Donation or Resources Received Start date Duration Months Destination Donation or Resources Received
Nantes University  $9.604.933,00 01/04/2020 2 Coastal risk vulnerability assessment