How to access research and innovation funds?

Members of the university community wishing to access the funds must be endorsed by their respective faculty or program, undergraduate or graduate, and comply with the terms of reference, value and type of project to be presented.

The Directorate of Research and Innovation is pleased to present the institutional calls, which aim to support with resources from CES University those Research and Innovation projects presented by teachers researchers and members of the university community.

The call has two modalities, according to the type of project to be presented: Research or Innovation. Both types have two types of values (minimum value and medium value). Next, the periodicity, maximum value and terms of reference for the different modalities are presented:

Maximum value
• Minimum amount:
10 SMMLV – Permanent (between January 15 and November 15)
• Medium amount: 25 SMMLV – Half-yearly

Research mode projects

Reference terms
Reference terms

Innovation mode projects
Reference terms
Reference terms

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Objective: To support, with CES University’s own resources, activities aimed at strengthening the capacities in formative research or research training that are not included in the items of projects approved in the institutional calls for research and innovation. The Directorate for Research and Innovation, in accordance with institutional policies, has established the following modalities:

Poster: Poster is understood as a graphic piece that allows presenting results derived from research, technological development and innovation activities.

Enrollment to scientific societies: it is understood as registration to scientific societies, the membership to associations of researchers / innovators in subjects of interest for groups or research centers.

Scientific event: it is understood as a presentation in a scientific event participation as a lecturer with the purpose of presenting results derived from research, technological development and innovation activities.

Publication of a scientific article: a scientific article is a report that presents results derived from research, technological development and innovation activities, published in a specialized journal.

Scientific training: Scientific training is the participation in courses, diploma courses, seminars and workshops in order to strengthen science, technology and innovation capacities of researchers and innovators.

Incoming scientific mobility: incoming scientific mobility is understood as the displacement of researchers / innovators from other national or international institutions to CES University, in order to carry out research activities, technological development and innovation activities in the groups and research centers.

Technological resources: technological resources are equipment and devices necessary to carry out research, technological development and innovation activities in groups and research centers.

Scientific relationship: it is understood by scientific relationship, visits, meetings and other activities aimed at establishing and consolidating links and strategic alliances with institutions and interest groups.

Content development: content development is understood as the design of newsletters, manuals, web pages, audiovisual material or other material for the development of research, technological development and innovation activities.

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The Research Groups bring together professionals from different disciplines with common interests in the generation of knowledge, who join their efforts to develop research activities in accordance with pre-established work plans.

CES University supports the formation of research groups and strengthens their management and capacities to generate knowledge, facilitating administrative and operational processes, so that as their work and scientific production becomes visible and recognized in the national platform of science and technology.

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The research seedbeds of CES University highlight the research activity carried out by students of each of the academic programs of the University with the support of researchers attached to the different research groups, in order to acquire and strengthen their capabilities and skills through their active participation in the development of research projects.

Consult the reference terms for research seedbeds, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Objective: To socialize the best research and innovation projects carried out in each of the faculties and programs, and to reward the most outstanding ones, in recognition of the quality of the research and innovation carried out at CES University. Here the participants can be teachers, graduates, employees, undergraduate and graduate students belonging to the faculties and programs of the university.

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