CES Medical-Surgical Specialties Research Group

In training with registration in Colciencias

School of Medicine

Research group leader
Elsa Maria Vasquez Trespalacios
E-mail: evasquez@ces.edu.co

Work Plan
1. To carry out the epidemiological and thematic accompaniment to the projects generated in the clinical and surgical postgraduate programs at CES University.
2. Support the research training of undergraduate students who wish to develop research projects along the established lines.
3. Generate strategic alliances with other research groups in the country for the execution of joint proposals
4. Build alliances with the pharmaceutical industry to carry out clinical and surgical research in the areas of interest
5. Disseminate the knowledge generated in each of the group’s lines through scientific writing and the presentation of papers in academic events

Lines of investigation

1. Surgery
2. Innovation
3. Mastology
4. Emergency medicine – Toxicology
5. Internal Medicine
6. Clinical Psychiatry
7. Urology